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Jim is a character of the television show, Care Bears (DiC series). He appears in Rosemary Hills, making his debut in Playtime Is Always Prettier.

Voice Actors:

  1. Dan Hennessey - English
  2. Kenji Haga - Japanese
  3. ??? - European French
  4. ??? - European Spanish
  5. ??? - Latin Spanish
  6. Sebastien Reding - Canadian French
  7. Giorgio Lopez - Italian
  8. ??? - German
  9. ??? - Dutch
  10. ??? - European Portuguese
  11. ??? - Brazilian Portuguese
  12. Frank Ådahl - Swedish
  13. ??? - Danish
  14. ??? - Norwegian
  15. ??? - Finnish
  16. ??? - Polish


Green shirt with orange stripe, blue pants, and brown shoes.


Friendly, conflicted and handsome.

Prior to Rosemary Hills:

When Professor Coldheart becomes mayor of the small town of Abbottsville, he immediately begins to tell all the children present to be as "nasty as they want". Jim takes these words to heart and steals a new bike owned by his friend Ken, and is taken to the mayor's office by Frostbite to stand trial for his action. However, under the mad doctor's twisted version of the law, he actually praises him for his "enterprising" actions and tells him the bike is his.

Later, when another child named Paula Schaeffer stages a revolt against Cold Heart with the Care Bears, Jim is among the children who run him out of town, and makes up with his friend in the process.