Jim Crow is a character and the leader of his group from Dumbo.

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Jim Crow

Crows (Dumbo)

With his friends

He With His Brothers Played Mariachi Band in Peppa Pig, Maya, and Rukia (Rango)

As Mr. Smee in Leo Pan, Fox Leo Pan and Team Rocket, Giovanni (Hook), Leo Pan in Return to Neverland, and Caillou and the Neverland Pirates

He is an Idiot Pirate

As Scat Cat in The AristoCartoons

He is an Alley Cat

As one of the Three Blind Mice in Benny (Shrek)

He is a Mouse

As Oomp in Little Fievel: Adventures in Slumberland

He is a Good Goblin

As Bookworm in Cartoon Animal Story 3

He is a Worm

As Mr. Pricklepants in Animal Story 3 (Disneystyle8)

He is a Hedgehog

As Bladebeak in Quest for the Farthing Wood

He is a half chicken, half ax creature

As Devil in Dumbo's Nightmare Before Christmas

He is a red devil

As Scuttle in The Little Mer-Dragonvixen and with his brothers as extras in The Little French Maid

He is a Seagull

As Bashful in Isabella White and the Seven Birds

He is a Dwarf

As Guard in Ostrich Form in The Chipmunk's New Groove

He is an Ostrich

As Zazu in ???

As Daffy Duck in Space Jam (CoolZDane Style) and Looney Tunes Back in Action (CoolZDane Style)

He is a Duck

As Slightly the Lost Boy Fox in Fievel Pan, Fox Fievel Pan and the Soldiers, and Fievel Pan 2: Return to Neverland

He is a Lost Boy

As King Louie in The Bird Book

He is an Orangutan

As Mad Hatter in Sawyer in Wonderland

As Blue Brothers Cat 2 in Front Row Orinoco

As himself in the Clash of the Links film series

He is still the original one and only Jim Crow.

As Tweety in Who Framed Devon and Cornwall the Dragons

He is a bird

As Blu in Rio (Kelly Corsi Style)

He is a Macaw




  • When he first appeared in Dumbo, he was voiced by the late Cliff Edwards, in House of Mouse, he was then voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, but in Clash of the Links, he is voiced by British comedy actor Hugh Laurie, and during the making of Clash of the Links, Disney instructed Laurie to match the voice to Cliff Edwards's Jim Crow, it worked, though early pre-releases used the British accent of Bertie Wooster and the Prince Regent instead, until later prints (such as the theatrical print that was used for the DVD and Blu-ray) replaced it with the replication of Jim Crow's original voice. Both the DVD and Blu-ray editions have the pre-release version as an optional, but they also include a version with Kevin Michael Richardson reprising his role as Jim Crow.
  • He and Jiminy Cricket both share a connection, they were both voiced by Cliff Edwards
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