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Jim Hawkins, his full name is James Pleiades Hawkins and for short is Jim. He is the main protagonist in Treasure Planet.

Jim Hawkins plays Eric in The Little British Girl and The Little Mer-Melody

He is a prince

Jim Hawkins plays Wedge Antilles in Star Wars (160 Movies Style)

Jim Hawkins plays Prince Adam in Beauty and the Wolf (Baddwing Style)

Jim Hawkins plays Fagin in Fievel and Company

Jim Hawkins plays Henry Fussy in Jenna's Bandana

Jim Hawkins plays Adult Kovu in The Russian King 2: Dimitri's Family

He is the son of Scar and Zira

Jim Hawkins plays Tarzan in Jim Hawkinszan

He is an Ape Man 

Jim Hawkins plays Prince Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender Nuclearzoen Human Style

He is a prince

Jim Hawkins plays Artie in Tod (Shrek)

He is a loser

Jim Hawkins plays Riley McCallister in Taran and Wart

He is Hugo Young's best friend

Jim Hawkins plays Two in Seven Little Disney Characters

He is a Big-nosed Monster

Jim Hawkins plays John Smith in Alicehontas

Jim Hawkins plays Dr. Dawson in The Great Super Italian Detective

He is Basil's partner

Jim Hawkins plays Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings (TheNamelessDoll Style)

Jim Hawkins plays The Flash in Justice League And Justice League Unlimited (PrinceBalto Human Style)

He is a Superhero

Jim Hawkins plays Bones In Monster House (TheBluesRockz Style)

He is Zee's ex-boyfriend

Jim Hawkins plays Goofy in Hiro and The Beanstalk

Jim Hawkins will play Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty (JesseGoodwin2635 Disney/Non Disney Style)


    • Ex-Wife: Peppa Pig
    • Wife: Riley Andersen
    • Second wife: Melody
    • Father: Leland Hawkins
    • Mother: Sarah Hawkins
    • Daughters: Cubie and Sophie
    • Son: Jamie Bennett
    • Daughter in law: Pippa
    • Brothers in law: Lewis and Ted Wiggins
    • Sister in law: Princess Oriana
    • Parents in law: Bill and Jill Andersen