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{{Character|name = JoJo the Clown|image = 806081.png|gender = Female|region = Circus Town|firstappear = Easy as Pie|hometown = Dismaland|family = Mister BND (boyfriend)}}[[File:JoJo-the-clown.png|thumb|300px|Mister BND's friend]]
'''JoJo''' is a clown in ''JoJo's Circus''.
'''JoJo''' is a clown in ''JoJo's Circus ''and ''Dismaland the Movie''.
==JoJo plays [[Goldie Locks]] in [[JoJo & Dumbo]]==
==JoJo plays [[Goldie Locks]] in [[JoJo & Dumbo]]==

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Mister BND's friend

JoJo is a clown in JoJo's Circus and Dismaland the Movie.

JoJo plays Goldie Locks in JoJo & DumboEdit

She is a little girl in Fairy Tale Forest.

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