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The Mouse King She played Shenzi

She is a Hyena

She played Azrael The Mices (The Smurfs) and The Mices 2

She is  Gargamel's Cat

She Played Sabor In Dannyarzan and Peterzan

She is a Leopard that killed both Tarzan's Parents and Kala and Kerchak's Baby

She Played Fifi in Humpthrey [Shrek] Series

She is a Large Goose

She Played The Evil Queen in Lady White and the Seven Best Friends

She is a Queen

She Played as an Extra with McLeach in Pooh, Buster & Jack: The Three Musketeers

She is an Extra

She Played Felicia in The Great Muppet Detective

She is a Cat

She Played The Old Hag in Isabella White and the Seven Birds

She is a Witch

She Played Drizella Tremaine in D.W. (Cinderella)

She is a Stepsister

She Played Ursula in The Little Frog

She is a Sea Witch

She Played Maleficent in Sleeping Otter

She is a Wicked Fairy

She Played Tick-Tock Crocodile in Kronk Pan

She is a Crocodile

She Played The Queen of Hearts in Lily in Wonderland (1951)

She is a Fat Queen

She Played Yzma in The Insect's New Groove

She is an Old Woman

She Played Karen Plankton in The KaaBob SnakePants Movie

She is a Machine

She Played Sour Kangaroo in Guru Ant Hears a Robot

She is a Kangaroo

She Played In The Secret of NIMH (AnimationsMovie411 Style)

She is a Farmer Cat