John Smith played Hunk in The Wizard of Oz (disneystyle8)

John Smith played Uncle Steve in Dumbo and Simba's Regular Show

John smith played Mufasa in The disneyland king

John Smith played Buzz Lightyear in Super All-Star Story, Super All-Star Story 2 and Super All-Star Story 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3

He is a space ranger

John Smith played Diego in Animated Age (Princess Rapunzel Style)

He is a Sabertooth Tiger

John Smith played Tyro in Avatar The Last Airbender Nuclearzoen Human Style

He is an earthbending father

John Smith Played Bruce Wayne/Batman In The Dark Knight (PrinceBalto Human Style)

He is a superhero

John Smith Played Flaps in The Castle Book

He is a vulture

John Smith Played Dimitri in Pocastasia

John Smith Played Cobra Bubbles in Sakura and Mushu

He is a social worker

John Smith Played Lumiere in Beauty and the Iron Giant

He is a candelabra

John Smith Played The Peddler in Dimitriladdin

John Smith Played Alan-A-Dale in Cale Hood

He is a rooster

John Smith Played Henry in Prince Eric & Friends (Thomas & Friends)

He is a green steam engine

John Smith Played Adult Simba in The Settler King

He is a lion

John Smith Played Aragorn II Elessar in The Lord of the Rings (TheNamelessDoll Style)

John Smith Played Zazu in The Chinese Warrior King

He is a hornbill

John Smith played Elton John in The Road To Go Wild (The TureDisneyKing Style)

He Is A Singer

John Smith will play Damian Leigh in Disney's Mean Girls

He is one of Cady's friends



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