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Jonathan "Johnny" Loughran (voiced by Andy Samberg) is one of the main characters in the series. He is the first human inside Hotel Transylvania and falls in love with Mavis. He always carries his backpack and shows a strong connection with his backpack. It is always seen full. And it seems that he has managed to integrate with the rest of the monsters at the hotel, as evidenced when he is used to their customs and manages to understand a toast by a non-English speaking monster during his wedding in Hotel Transylvania 2, while his family fails to blend in.

Jonathan played Chicken Joe in Surf's Up (LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Style)

Jonathan played Aladdin in Jonathanladdin

Jonathan played Princess Su in Owenlan 2

Jonathan played Randy Ward in Moonrise Charlie Brown

Jonathan played Kirk van Houten in The Simpsons (Thomas Beauregard Style)

Jonathan played Sally Carrera in Females (Cars) Trilogy

Jonathan played Sandy Cheeks In MavisBob VampirePants

Jonathan played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars (JediObi-Wan9 style)

Jonathan played Nick Wilde in Zootopia (JediLuke9 style)