• FBI warning Anti-piracy Warning campaign 2016 Logo DVD BluRay
  • Rhode Island PBS Smile commerial featuring shows I currently watch!
  • Katie Cutie Kids TV Channel Trailer
  • TRAILER for an Upcoming Tribute to Heather O'Rourke
  • Avengers Infinity War Trailer Parody by SuperHero Kids In Real Life
  • "The Prime King" (The Lion King) Trailer
  • Welcome to Always Alyssa!!
  • Touchstone Home Video Promo (EJL423 Style)
  • Lets Bounce!  Bounce Patrol Channel Trailer
  • DreamWorks Animated Titles (2002) Promo (TheCartoonMan12 Style)
  • Nerf War: Payback Time 17 Trailer (Official)
  • Rhode Island PBS Fun commercial featuring shows I currently watch!
  • Cineplex - Feature Presentation
  • Paramount Kids logo
  • Joshy's Birthday Celebration! (1.5K Subscribers Special)
  • Paramount TV Viacom Logo Remake
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