Judy Neutron is Jimmy's mother from the Jimmy Neutron series.

Though she frequently has to discipline her son for his misbehavior, she is still a loving parent and wife. It is likely that Jimmy got his intelligence from Judy, as she has shown to have inventions of her own. She also likes to cook and is obsessed with cleaning.

Judy served Dr. Drakken for a bit after he put a compliance chip on her head. Eventually, she was saved by Kim Possible.


After inventing a newly upgraded compliance chip, Dr. Drakken needed a subject to test its effectiveness on. He had his eye on Judy from Retroville, mainly for her mixture of intelligence and fitness. He made his way over to her home and was able to get the chip on Judy's head. Transporting her back to his secret base, Judy helped Dr. Drakken produce more chips after looking over his blueprints. While the chips were in production, she stood guard near the entrance of the base, successfully thwarting a couple of break-in attempts from Cyrus Bortel and Señor Senior, Junior.

Drakken's base was discovered by Kim Possible, where she was able to collect and destroy the freshly created chips, though she isn't able to free Judy since the new chips are resistant to silicon phase disruptors. After Kim escapes, Drakken decides to keep Judy under his control since she was so helpful to his plans. Eventually, Kim returns and frees Judy from Drakken's compliance chip.


Judy is a good role model for her husband and son, being the most responsible member of the family. She makes sure Jimmy doesn't misbehave, and keeps a close eye on her husband, even going as far as the track him with a microchip. She proves to be quite intelligent, creating inventions of her own that are kept secret inside her closet.

While under the effects of the compliance chip, Judy became significantly less intelligent. She was completely obedient to Drakken, and believed anything that he said.


  • Jimmy Neutron: Judy disapproves of Jimmy's delinquent behavior, making inventions that have adverse effects and disobeying her. However, she loves him and is proud of his intelligence.
  • Timmy Turner: Judy thinks Timmy is a bad influence on Jimmy, as he often encourages him to break rules. However, she appreciates their friendship. She is annoyed at Timmy for hypnotizing her, and keeps a close eye on him.
  • Dr. Drakken: The compliance chip made Judy think highly of Dr. Drakken, though her opinion shifted once she was freed, now thinking he's annoying and weird.
  • Kim Possible: While under mind control, Judy found Kim obnoxious as she's always thwarting Dr. Drakken's plans. Once freed, Judy thought highly of Kim.

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