TheWildAnimal13's spoof of Mulan


  • Peppa Pig as Mulan
  • Pinky the Pig (The Farmyard Movie/Show) as Mulan as Ping
  • Wilbur (Charlotte's Web) as Li Shang
  • Kion (The Lion Guard) as Mushu
  • Bunga (The Lion Guard) as Cri-Kee
  • Max (The Secret Life of Pets) as Little Brother
  • Khumba as Khan
  • Evil Sponge (The Super Friend Show) as Shan-Yu
  • Various Animal Villains as The Huns
  • Silas (Ice Age 4: Continental Drift) as Hayabusa
  • Carney (A Movie of Eggs) as Yao
  • Bacon (A Movie of Eggs) as Ling
  • Coco (A Movie of Eggs) as Chien-Po
  • Daddy Pig (Peppa Pig) as Fa Zhou
  • Mummy Pig (Peppa Pig) as Fa Li
  • Grandma Pig (Peppa Pig) as Grandmother Fa
  • Pig (WordWorld) as General Li
  • Hawk Egg (Another Movie of Eggs and A Chicken) as The Emperor of China
  • Spot the Ladybug (The Super Friend Show) as Chi-Fu
  • Young Shere Khan (Jungle Cubs) as The First Ancestor
  • Jungle Cubs as The Ancestors
  • Madame Mousey (An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster) as The Matchmaker
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