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Juleka Couffaine is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. In "Reflekta", after being locked in the bathroom by Sabrina Raincomprix (under the orders from Chloé Bourgeois) to prevent Juleka from participating in the class photo, she is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Reflekta, a supervillain who turns people into copies of herself.

In "Reflekdoll", after Juleka misses the chance to photo shoot for Marinette's design, she is once again akumatized by Hawk Moth into Reflekta. along with being amokized by Mayura, her emotions forming a doll-themed sentimonster which enhances her powers.

In "Félix", after being fooled by Félix to think that Adrien didn't appreciate his friends, she is re-akumatized into Reflekta, and, along with Princess Fragrance and Lady Wifi, the three supervillains form The Punishers Trio, a group of supervillains who want to get revenge on Adrien, later Félix.

In "Gang of Secrets", after Marinette keeps hiding secrets from them, Juleka is re-akumatized by Shadow Moth into Reflekta along with Lady Wifi, Princess Fragrance, Timebreaker and Horrificator, the five supervillains all form the Gang of Secrets, a group of supervillains who want to reveal Marinette's secrets.

In "Guiltrip", after Rose snaps to her friends about the overprotective way they are treating her and causes Juleka to feel guilty for being the one that caused that to happen after sharing her secret to everyone, she is later re-akumatized into Reflekta and amokized again by Shadow Moth, and her guilt form Guiltrip, a sentimonster.

As a ToolHero, her alter ego is Doctor Jewels (sorta like Doctor Timithy) who can use mind control and elemental powers.

Despite in Miraclues, her alter ego is Purple Tigress.


  • Depite she hates the Doom Slayer, she still enjoy playing Doom 4.
  • She hates the game Doom II, since the Icon of Sin has the head inside, which horrified her SO MUCH, that she ended up calling the millitary about it, and got aressted for wasted there time.
  • Reflekta (Juleka's akumaztized villain name) may be a reference to the Reflekta camera.
  • A scarlet version of Reflekta briefly reappears in "Ladybug", but she is quickly de-akumatized.
  • In "The Evillustrator" she sits next to Nathaniel in science class instead of sitting next to Rose as she usually does.
  • Reflekta negates Cat Noir's Cataclysm with her powers by transforming him into her image, making his Miraculous disappear and preventing him from touching anything with Cataclysm.
    • In "Reflekta," Juleka reveals that she hates cats.
    • She owns and sometimes wears a glove on her right hand with a small mirror or makeup compact attached to it as seen in "Reflekta".
  • In "Copycat" and "Rogercop", Juleka is wearing white clothes instead of her usual dark gray clothes.
  • The name Juleka means "beauty".
    • Part of the Jule means "Jewel" in French,
      • In the Serbian dub, her name is changed to Julija.
      • In the Brazilian version, her name in some episodes is changed to Juleika.
  • While Luka has blue tips at the end of his hair, Juleka has purple tips at the end of her hair.
  • In Mr. Pigeon, during the derby hat competition, Juleka and Rose are standing next to a derby hat with gears attached to it, suggesting one of them or both made the hat.
  • In "Reflekta", Juleka and Rose reveal that they think that Juleka has a curse that prevents her from looking nice in photos. At the end of the episode, they believe it has been broken thanks to Marinette and their classmates.
  • Juleka's earlier concept design was different in many ways, including her shorter purple hair, black and white-striped leggings, and dark purple boots.
    • She also owned a purple bass guitar with a pink strap.
  • Juleka's surname Couffaine is a combination of "couffin" (French for "coffin") and the French suffix "-aine" (meaning "of or from a place"), ultimately meaning "of/from the coffin".