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A Furry, Anime & Cartoon Spoof to Jumanji's Sequel "Jumanji: The Next Level"

From Littlechild Studios



Two to three years after the previous film, Hiro Hamada, Miles Morales, Sunset Shimmer, and Robyn Goodfellowe go to separate colleges, but plan to meet up over Christmas break. The night before Hiro, feeling despondent, gets out Jumanji. When he doesn't show, his friends visit his mother's, and are greeted by Hiro's grandfather Lorax and visiting Lorax's former friend/business partner Joe Gardner. Realizing he has gone into the game, Miles, Sunset, Lorax and Joe follow, leaving Robyn behind.

Inside the game, Sunset is Bianca Wolfhouse, the same avatar as in the prior movie. Miles becomes Professor Xiao Po-Ping "Po" Shan (which had been Robyn previously) while Lorax and Joe become Dr. Maui Bravestone and Snowball "Rabbit" Finbar (which were Hiro and Miles previously).

Giving Lorax and Joe Jumanji's rules, they encounter non-player character Coran Billingsley, the game guide, who reveals that Jumanji is suffering from a massive drought. To leave the game, they must end the drought by recovering a magical necklace known as the Falcon Heart, stolen by warlord Shan Yu the Brutal. Meanwhile, Robyn, still out of the game and in the real world, finds Jumanji player Mebh for help.

Transported to a desert to pursue Shan Yu, and narrowly escaping a ostrich flock, they encounter Hiro, operating with a new avatar, Rivet, a skilled thief. Apologizing for their predicament, Hiro joins them.

While attempting to escape the desert, they face new challenges and problems, along with collecting a Jumanji Berry, and discovering a pool of glowing green water that allows them to switch avatars. Meanwhile, Lorax bickers with Joe, revealing their friendship ended when Joe sold their diner behind Lorax's back, forcing him into retirement. Traveling to a forest beyond the desert, the group crosses a series of rope bridges, while being attacked by a group of mandrills.

Successfully crossing the bridges, they are reunited with Mebh, as her avatar Ian "Lightfoot" McDonough, and Robyn, who is now Winston, a wolf who can only be understood by Snowball. As they rest from their battle with the mandrills, Lorax realizes Joe is terminally ill and wants to make amends before he dies, so they reconcile.

Working together, the group traverses Mt. Zhatmire and finds a river with the same glowing green water, allowing Hiro, Robyn and Miles to return in their original avatars Maui, Po, and Snowball again while Lorax and Joe respectively end up as Rivet and Winston. Shortly after, Shan Yu's men capture Lorax and Joe.

Hiro, Sunset, Miles, Robyn, and Mebh split up to infiltrate the fortress, rescue their teammates and get the Falcon Heart. While scaling the ice wall, Sunset asks Hiro why he left his old life and her, and he says her success made him insecure. She consoles him, reminding him we need friends when we feel scared and insecure.

There is another battle: Hiro pursues Shan Yu to his airship while the others fight his huns. Realizing Shan Yu is vulnerable to the Jumanji Berry, it incapacitates him long enough for Hiro to steal the Falcon Heart necklace and send him plummeting to his death. He then gives Lorax the necklace, and he and Joe fly into the sky, letting the sunlight hit the necklace, restoring the magic and saving the game.

Returning the Falcon Heart to Coran, Joe decides to stay behind and protect the land. Upon returning to the real world, Hiro teaches his grandfather about video games. Having gotten over his resentment, Lorax convinces Annabelle, the owner of his old diner, to hire him as a manager.

In a mid-credits scene, the heating technician Hiro's mother hired shows up. Noticing the game on the desk, he reaches for it, then the flock of ostriches from the game rush past the diner, witnessed by Hiro's group.