Charlie BrownRockz and KuboandJune Bailey's Channel's Movie-Spoof of 2009's Focus Features and Laika Animated Film "Coraline".


  • Coraline Jones - June Bailey (Wonder Park)
  • Mel Jones - Mrs. Bailey (Wonder Park)
  • Charlie Jones - Mr. Bailey (Wonder Park)
  • The Other Mother - Scarlet Overkill (Minions)
  • The Beldam - Queen Chrysalis (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • The Other Father - Herb Overkill (Minions)
  • The Cat - Diego (Ice Age(2002))
  • Wybie Lovat - Kubo (Kubo and the Two Strings)
  • The Other Wybie - Bowser Jr. (Nintendo)
  • Mr. Bobinsky - Lightning McQueen (Cars)
  • The Other Bobinsky - Chick Hicks (Cars)
  • Miss April Spink and Miss Miriam Forcible - Prncess Peach and Daisy (Nintendo)
  • The Other Spink and Forcible - Evelyn Deavor (Incredibles 2) and Dr. Zara (Abominable)
  • Scottish Terriers - Minions (Despicable Me)
  • Bat Dogs - Dogs (Up)
  • Mrs. Lovat - Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)
  • Ghost Children - Ronnie Anne Santiago, Sid Chang and Adelaide Chang (The Casagrandes)


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