Till The World Ends

"Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears (covered by The Girly Team in-game and The Alolan Girls in Just Dance Unlimited service for Alolan Champion only) is featured on Just Dance 2021.

Appearance of the Dancer


Classic album coach

In the original series, the dancer is a woman in a form-fitting outfit. She has hair with a black base color, while her very long high ponytail is pink. She wears a shiny latex cropped top, which reveals her neck area. The arms and bra cups are black and shiny with faint systematically very small metallic stubs, while the rest is indigo with small metallic stubs systematically placed in her outfit. She also has a black thin choker with a golden buckle, with a black strap attached and placed across the cleavage. She also wears a pair of black shiny latex leggings, with indigo segments above leggings with metallic stubs. Very small lines of metallic stubs are placed in the frontal part of her legs. Lastly, she wears indigo below-the-knees heeled boots with numerous straps that has yellow buckles. She wears a pair of black sharp sunglasses and two golden chains on her waist. She has a turquoise outline, which exudes pixels that slowly disappear as they go. Her glove is in light green shade.

In the cartoon/anime All Stars Edition, the main coach was all Pokémon series characters from different seasons leaded by Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as the first and second main coaches, they are later transitioned by Ash's former and current companions as listed below in the following order (note of their colored gloves too):

Other characters

Here are the list of other characters which you have an option to perform with if you want to dance with a different coach aside from Pokémon series. For your choice of additional characters, just click the "Add Gallery" button located at the bottom of these images and please follow the format of these images to avoid confusion.


Extreme Version album coach, notice a minimal glitch under Cameron's shoes

In the original series, the dancer is a man who has purple hair that is done into a thin mohawk. He wears purple glasses. He also has a long blue jacket that goes down to his legs. He has straps around his arms, chest and shoes. He has a blue belt and purple silky pants and shoes. He has a thin, light blue outline. He wears a fingerless glove in a dark magenta color.

In the cartoon/anime All Stars Edition, the routine was performed by Cameron, Ash's friend and rival from Pokémon Black And White series. He was wearing the same color and type of glove as of the original. The routine was originally and supposedly be performed by Stephan, another Ash's friend and rival from the same series which Cameron appeared to, but it was shelved later on.

The said Extreme Alternate was supposedly be perfomed by all Ash's previous and current main rival from the Pokémon series still leaded by Cameron, but it was scrapped for unknown reasons.

Alolan Champion

Alolan Champion album coach, which also used as the asset of the main coach

The routine was exclusively be seen via Just Dance 2021's Just Dance Unlimited service which was performed by both Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, who also appeared in the classic routine series. But the difference is they're appearing in this routine as their own, accompanied by Ash's Pokémon friend in Alola region. They have the same color of glove as of the classic routine.



Just like the original, the background is a cyber-looking scene with buildings with the same pattern as the floor and inner background. It resembles a hacking scene due to the binary code. It is highly inspired by the movie The Matrix.


Just like the original, the background is blue-colored binary code that forms into different shapes such as straight lines cubes that split apart then form one cube, They spin around with the dancer's movements. They then form a void shape which starts to absorb the other code. Then they form triangle shapes that moved to the top left.

Alolan Champion

The background represents Manalo Stadium in the Alola Region where Ash was been officially renown as "The Champion". On its first appearance, the stadium was visibly clear on daylight, but when the chorus and fading in part of the song, the stadium was a little bit darker when the weather color background changed to sunset view, making the stadium appeared in an orange and a little bit black color. Also on the entire routine, all Ash's Pokémon which he encountered and befriended on Alola Region (everyone except Melmetal which appeared as a paper motion image only) was also appeared in the routine and dance with him and Pikachu on the background. When the routine was finished, both Ash and Pikachu will be flashed out off screen after doing the final pose: The Z-Move.

Gold Moves

There are 2 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Move 1: Perform a "crane pose" by lifting your right leg, and moving your arms up (this also triggers the transition part between Sophocles and Chloe Cerise).
Gold Move 2: Quickly put your arms down and slightly bend your legs (this also triggers the transition part between Chloe Cerise and Goh's Raboot).

For the actual gold moves from the original game, see the Just Dance article.



  • Till The World Ends is the ninth song by Britney Spears in the series.
  • This is the twelfth cover made by The Girly Team in the series.
    • It is also the third one to be for a Britney Spears song.
    • However, the song was covered and credited in Alolan Champion version by The Alolan Girls, which revealed in the credits; the song was been vocalized by Lana, Lilly and, Mallow.
  • It is the fifth overall Britney Spears song to be covered, making Britney Spears the most covered artist in the main series.
  • Till The World Ends is the third song from the 2010s to be covered in Just Dance, after We No Speak Americano and Mi Mi Mi.
  • Part of the chorus is shortened.
  • This is the fifth song that was performed by Pokémon series in the whole Just Dance franchise after The World Is Ours (from Just Dance 2014), Obsésion, Lush Life (both from Just Dance 2019), and High Hopes (from Just Dance 2020).
    • If only the scrapped unknown routine from Just Dance 2018 was officially released, this will be their sixth routine that they've appeared in the series.


Classic (Original)

  • Some moves from the official choreography are used in-game.
  • In the preview, during the second pre-chorus, the background disappears for a second.
    • It was fixed in the final game.
  • A placeholder menu banner can be found in the Unlimited servers.
  • Three pictograms’ filenames reference The Matrix.
  • On the menu icon, the background is poorly cropped, causing the grey space to appear in the lower-right corner.
  • Dancing to the song twice unlocks a sticker of a worm's eye view of the city.
  • In one pictogram, some white pixels can be spotted on the top near the left arm's punch emblem.

Classic (Made Up)

  • Ash's glove was making a glitch when he was making a snap finger routine.
  • Pikachu's outline was fading out early when it was transitioned to Brock.
  • Sophocles was making a background glitch when he was trying to look on the left side of the screen, making that the green background that was used during the production was slightly visible around his head.
  • Goh was almost out of balance when he was making a jump up and wave arms upward routine.
  • On the optional coaches, Ray Ray Lee's outline was sometimes dissapearing when he was doing the sitting routine. While Shenzi's glove was sometimes making a glitch when she was doing the crane pose gold move.

Extreme (Made Up)

  • A beta filename called "Rival Version" was found in the servers of Just Dance Unlimited, making it a basis that it was intentionally and supposedly the original Extreme Alternate routine instead of Cameron only version of the routine.
  • A 2 tiny glitch dots was visible under Cameron's shoes on the routine's album coach. This caused a poor editing in the image when it was officially released.
  • Cameron's soles of his shoes was sometimes missing when he's jumping.
  • Stephan, which also one of Ash's rival in the same series where Cameron appeared, was originally performing the said routine, however it was never pushed through for unknown reasons.

Alolan Champion (Made Up)

  • Melmetal was the only Pokémon caught by Ash Ketchum in the Alola Region who was never appeared in the actual background in the routine.
    • This was because that Melmetal was causing a glitch when they are trying to include it in the routine as one of Ash's Pokémon supporting background characters. They replaced it with a paper motion instead.
    • Rob from The Amazing World of Gumball was also encountering the same fate from the song Georgia, but the difference between them, he was totally replaced by Rocky in its final release, making this song the second song that remove a metal type character in Just Dance series.
  • A part of Manalo Stadium in the background was sometimes causing a black glitch when it was transitioning to sunset mode of the chorus part of the song.
  • The song was been credited originally to The Girly Team; Much like the classic and extreme counterparts, however, it was later updated and changed to The Alolan Girls as the singer and completely changing the vocals.
    • They still used the The Girly Team original lyric version of the song to fit with Just Dance 2021 standards.
    • On the early version, it was supposedly using Britney Spears's original vocal, however it was been shelved later on.
  • As a cause of chorus parts being shortened, the routine was sometimes noticeably being cut out in the game on its final release.
    • The full and complete beta routine was somehow found in Just Dance Unlimited servers, but it was removed entirely later on.
  • Reaching Megastar on the routine will unlocked a special Pikachu avatar and a sticker mat on the game (exclusive to Just Dance 2021 (Cartoon / Anime All Stars Edition only).
    • You may unlocked 12 stickers on the following Just Dance Unlimited song routines (note that some of these songs are not performed by Pokémon characters):
1. Ash and Pikachu doing a Z-move - dance to High Hopes (performed by Brock, Max, Ash Ketchum, and May from Just Dance 2020)
2. Kiawe riding on Charizard - dance to Lush Life (performed by Jessie of Team Rocket from Just Dance 2019)
3. Mallow holding a ladle and Tsareena holding a pot of soup - dance to Tumbum (performed by Lloyd Nebulon, Francine, Eddie Horthon, and Brittany Boviak from Just Dance 2018)
4. Lana and Primarina fishing on the beach poster - dance to Into You (performed by Abigail Numbuh 5 Lincoln from Just Dance 2017)
5. Sophocles, Vikavolt and Togedemaru making a shocking experiment poster - dance to Cool for the Summer (performed by Marceline Abadeer from Just Dance 2016)
6. Lillie playing with Snowy - dance to Summer (performed by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro from Just Dance 2015)
7. Rowlett and Meltan sleeping - dance to The World Is Ours (performed by Brock from Just Dance 2014)
8. Rockruff and Litten chasing each other on a marketplace poster - dance to Part of Me (performed by Ran Mouri / Rachel Moore from Just Dance 4)
9. Gladion training - dance to No Limit (performed by Summer Hugglemonster and Henry Hugglemonster from Just Dance 3)
10. Prof. Burnet and Prof. Kukui looking on a sunset view poster - dance to Funky Town (performed by Phineas Flynn from Just Dance 2)
11. Prof. Sammy Oak making funny faces poster - dance to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (performed by Miyako "Yolei" Inoue from Just Dance 1)
12. The Manalo Stadium background - dance to Till The World Ends (Extreme Version / can be performed on the main tracklist and with a stable internet connection to unlock this sticker and make sure you reached the "Superstar" rank in the classic routine to unlock the alternate routine)
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