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Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake is featured on Just Dance 2022.

It is playable for two weeks thru Just Dance Unlimited as part of Season 4: The Traveler.

Appearance of the Dancer


The coach is The Traveler. He has blue hair and a mustache, and has a gold marking on his right eye. He wears a black beanie with a gold pin, a black cloak with a hood decorated with gold, geometric details. The inside of the cloak has a space pattern. He also wears a blue shirt with detailed sleeves, a gold necklace with a triangular design, a black belt with a chain, black pants, and black boots. He wears a golden gauntlet that lights up when he uses his abilities. He has an ethereal purple glow. He mysteriously appeared all through the past seasons of Just Dance 2021 (1st season in the ball room, 2nd season playing a boombox, 3rd was on a parade float).

On the Toonime edition, the routine was choreographed by Goh (which he was meant to be the performer for this routine too), and it was officially performed by King Clawthorne which his appearance had a dark blue glowing outline and wearing a golden glove as well.


The background starts with letters saying "ROCK YOUR BODY" going closer to the screen. It reveals a room with lights in the roof and geometric patterns on the walls. The room disintegrates, and various rooms and stairs appear, they move angles throughout the routine. In some parts, the stairs glow blue, purple and cyan tones. At the end of the routine, it goes back to the first room, showing four portals with different backgrounds from other maps, including China, that clones of the dancer go in. After, a big portal appears in the center and the dancer goes through it.

Gold Moves

There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:

Gold Moves 1 and 2: Lower your arms quickly sideways and put your elbows on your hips.
Gold Move 3: Lower your arms quickly and slap the top of your legs.



  • Rock Your Body is the second song by Justin Timberlake in the main series.
    • It is the third one in the whole franchise, including My Style (The Black Eyed Peas Experience).
    • It is also his first song as the main artist in the franchise.
  • "A**" and "naked" are censored.


  • Rock Your Body is currently the longest map in the main series, with the video file lasting 4:57. This happens because there is a 30-seconds-long cutscene before the song actually starts.
  • It is the second-longest map overall, after Kiss Datte Hidarikiki.
  • Rock Your Body is the first routine from an upcoming game to be added to Just Dance Unlimited for two weeks (instead of one week) prior to the release of its game.
    • It is the sixth routine to be temporarily available in Just Dance Unlimited prior to the release of its game, after 7 rings, Without Me, Kulikitaka, YO LE LLEGO, and Ice Cream.
  • Rock Your Body is the main character of Season 4: The Traveler, where he takes his official name from. He was the first coach from an upcoming game to be referred to in content for the previous title.
  • China’s background appears in the routine.
  • The coach’s recording was done in three takes, as seen by a cut right before the second verse, and after the bridge.
  • On the day Rock Your Body was released in Just Dance Unlimited, a full gameplay was uploaded to the international Just Dance channel instead of a one-minute preview.
    • However, the previews on the European channels only show one minute of the preview, as usual.
    • After one day, the full gameplay on the Just Dance channel was removed and was replaced by a one minute preview, like in the European channels.
    • The previews on the European channels feature only four players instead of six.
  • Rock Your Body was the 2nd song to be performed by a character from The Owl House after All The Stars.
    • The original coach was meant to be Goh, however, he was officially appeared on Funk instead, leading to give the said role to King instead.
      • Prior to this, King was meant to appeared on Boss Witch, but it was later given to Glenda (from Petite Princess Yucie). Although he was the choreographer for the said song instead.
    • In addition, King was originally had a different color of his glove instead of gold.
  • Unlike the other songs featured in the game, this, alongside with Levitating (so far) are the only routines that never featured any other characters as a different coach for this song.


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