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Kaa is a villainous serpent from The Jungle Book. In the 1967 film, he was voiced by Sterling Holloway. In the 2016 film as a female version was voiced by Scarlett Johansson in a live-action appearance.

Kaa played Mr. Smee in Eric Pan and Leap Pan

He is a idiot pirate

Kaa played Morley in Animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars

He is a snake-like alien

Kaa played Undead Toy Duck in Dumbo's Nightmare Before Christmas

He is a vampire duck

Kaa played Flotsam in The Little Arabian Princess

He is an eel

Kaa played Cloak in The Little Mer-Wendy 2: Return to the Sea

He is a manta ray

Kaa played Mr. Smee in Eric Pan, Eric Pan 2: Return to Neverland, Guido Pan, and Guido Pan in Return to Neverland

He is an idiot pirate

Kaa played Fidget in The Great Wolf Dog Detective

He is a Bat

Kaa played The Peddler in Simbaladdin

Kaa played Patty O'Brien in Danny Powers: Internation Cat of Mystery

Kaa played Ed in The Cat King

He is a laughing hyena

Kaa played Magic Mirror in Lindsay White and the Seven Animal Friends

He is a mirror

Kaa played Toby in Danny and Bagheera

He is Chadwick's henchman

Kaa played Joanna in The Rescuers Down Under (LionKingFilms Style)

He is a Lizard

Kaa played Grumpy in Vanessa White and the Seven Reptiles

He is a dwarf

Kaa played Sir Hiss in Robin Hood (Animated Style) and Mushu Hood

He is a green snake

Kaa played the Skull in The Last Unicorn (Nuclearzeon Style)

Kaa played Grimsby in Simba Claus is Coming to Town

Kaa played Tweedledee in Destiny in Wonderland

Kaa played Bruno in Lilyrella

He is a dog

Kaa played Jerry Mouse in Arthur and Kaa: The Movie

He is a mouse

Kaa played Sheldon J. Plankton in The RobinBob HoodPants Movie

He is a plankton

Kaa played Snake in The Powerpuff Girls (Coolzdane Animal Style)

He is a member of the Gangreen Gang

Kaa played Zombi in Wreck-It Alex

Kaa played Komodo Joe in Danny Cat (Crash Bandicoot)

He is a komodo dragon

Kaa played Alex The Lion in the Pacific Ocean Series

He is a Lion

Kaa played Sebastian in The Little Child

He is a crab

Kaa played Iago in Phineasladdin and Lawrenceladdin

He is a parrot

Kaa played Bartok in Vanessastasia and Kaa the Magnificent

He is a white bat

Kaa played Rabbit in The Many Adventures of Tony the Tiger

He is a rabbit

Kaa played Dumbo in Kaa (Dumbo)

He is a circus elephant

Kaa played Ferdinand in Sid and Flap: The Movie

He is a dog

Kaa played Aladdin in Kaaladdin

He is a street rat

Kaa played SpongeBob SquarePants in The KaaBob SnakePants Movie

He is a sponge

Kaa played the White Rabbit in Gwen in Wonderland (1951)

He is a rabbit

Kaa Played Dr. Cockroach PHD in Mermaids vs. Villains

He is a cockroach

Kaa Played Squint in Wild Age 4: Continental Drift

He is a Crazy Rabbit

Kaa played Tick-Tock Crocodile in Huckleberry Pan and Ajar Pan, Phineas Pan, and Bailey Pan

He is a ticking crocodile

Kaa played Banzai in The Sponge King Remake

He is a hyena

Kaa played Grem in Animals 2 (Cars 2) (Arthurandfriends Style)