Kady Melissa Jheny Spilken Kyle 
is the youngest of the family. Played by Parker McKenna Posey.


Kady Melissa Kyle is the second-to youngest member of her family, as she is now an Aunt as of "The Baby: Part 2", Kady Kyle has been known to not cause as much trouble as the rest of her siblings, which actually changes in the later Seasons as she is shown to like manipulating and being deceptive with her older sister, Claire, but for some reason not with Junior. Kady lives with her family in the USA.


In the earlier seasons, Kady was portrayed as being an adorable, innocent little girl, but as she grew older she was shown to be manipulative and deceptive with her older sister Claire, black-mailing her whenever she learned a secret about her sister that could be used against her. Kady sometimes takes advantage of her cuteness to get away with some sort of action (such as in one episode where she shoplifted a bottle of nail polish from a store and Claire was blamed until Kady confessed, and from that point onward her parents ceased coddling her as "the baby of the family"). Later on in the program, a boyfriend for Kady was introduced; a child piano prodigy named Franklin Mumford, who believes Kady to be thoroughly perfect and adores her. Kady tends to get very sassy with her boyfriend, Franklin usually takes this as a way to behave better around her, he never seems to talk back to her, he just does what she says, he belives Kady is perfect and tries to make everyone else believe it. Kady also has been shown to own a doll named "Little Pippy," which has made several appearances throughout the series, such as in the episode "Road Trip" where Kady brought it along on the Kyles' car ride to Boston and Junior unscrewed the toy's head to tease his sister. Kady is always very fond of Junior, as she is rarely seen manipulating him.


  • Owns a doll called "Little Pippy"
  • Owns a E.T. toy, which she thought was disgusting and creepy until seeing a movie with him in it.


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