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was a character on Barney & Friends from Season 7 to Season 9. She was portrayed by Makayla Crawford.

About Kami

  • She is Filipino like Min, Danny and Jeff.
  • She is very good at jump rope.
  • She can do a cart-wheel.
  • Favorite Movie Genre: Cartoons
  • She likes to play the piano. Kami can play "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".


Season 7

  1. All Aboard! (first appearance)
  2. Puppy Love
  3. Bunches of Boxes
  4. A New Friend
  5. Three Lines, Three Corners
  6. A Parade of Bikes
  7. BJ's Really Cool House

Season 8

  1. Once Upon a Fairy Tale
  2. Play Piano with Me!
  3. A Little Big Day
  4. A World of Friends
  5. Let's Go for a Ride!
  6. It's Your Birthday, Barney! (cameo)
  7. At Home in the Park

Season 9

  1. Let's Make Music!
  2. Movin' Along
  3. You Can Count on Me!
  4. Look What I Can Do! (last appearance)

Home Videos

  1. Barney's Christmas Star
  2. Storytime with Barney
  3. Read with Me, Dance with Me
  4. Movin' and Groovin'


Scott, Kami, Mario & Colleen

Scott, Kami, Mario & Colleen




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