Kate smith by kateashbyplz-d8n44gj
Little Kate Smith is a series made by Jack Deakin in 2014 which is a spin off series of Kate Ashby based on the GoAnimate grounded series


Kate is a spoiled rotten, disobedient and naughty little girl who causes trouble wherever she and her family go by throwing tantrums and making a scene, whether it is at a fast food restaurant, a movie theater, a toy store, or even an amusement park as she throws the bomb scaring people away - when she does not get her way, which results in her earning a lifetime ban.

Then the rest of her family, cross with her behavior, loads her into the car and drive home as she starts crying and her mother scolds her.

Little Kate is also known to ruin special occasions and holidays. She is also a homicidal maniac.

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