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Katy Kat (ケイティ・キャット Keiti Katto) is a blue cat with a very energetic personality. She is part of both "Parappa's" friend group as part of the rock band MilkCan and is the only connection point between the two groups.

Katy is a go-getter, a team player and an extremely supportive friend. She proposed the idea of planning Sunny's birthday party, suggested JanKen to decide the roles and as the winner took on the party direction. When Lammy does bad in the final stage, Katy, as the Teacher, does not react on it -(instead, Ma-San ditches them both)- and only voices disappointment when the song's over.

Katy likes to do poetry in her free time, which likely means she writes the lyrics for MilkCan. In the song "Keep Your Head Up!!", Katy voices inner frustration how life is also difficult on her.

Aside being a fashionista, Katy Kat enjoys theme-based dressing up and searched for the 'perfect look' for the performance.

She has a love for disco, dancing and has shown an interest in journalism and politics in the anime series, where she is seen on multiple occasions presenting news/events in front of a camera.

Katy Kat Plays Princess Jasmine in Sparkladdin the Monkey, Sparkladdin the Monkey 2: The Return of Gorilla Grodd, Sparkladdin the Monkey 3: The King of Thieves & Sparkladdin the Monkey (2019)

Katy Kat Plays Ariel in The Little Mer-Katy, The Little Mer-Katy II: Return to the Sea & The Little Mer-Katy III: Katy Kat's Beginning

Katy Kat Plays Princess Leia in Star Wars (Animation Movie Films and TV Shows Style)


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