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Katz is one of the major villains from the show, Courage The Cowardly Dog. He is also Courage's arch rival. He along with the Weremole, the Queen of the Black Puddle, Cajun Fox, Clutching Foot, and Le Quack met their end when Courage made the loudest scream creating a really deep chasm underneath them and made them fall to their deaths.


Katz played Frollo in The HunchPerfetuo of Notre Dame

He is a judge

Katz played Zira in The Super King 2: Yoshimitsu's Pride

Katz played Professor Screweyes in We're Back An Equestria Story

Katz played Scar in The Bubble Guppy King

Katz played Great Animal in The Hawk Princess

Katz played Shere Khan in The Lady Book and The Lady Book 2

Katz played Hades in Michellecules

Katz played The Queen (Hag) in Vinny White and the Seven Dragons

Katz played Ratigan in The Great Girl Detective

Katz played one of the Fates in Vinnycules

Katz played Captain Hook in Michelle Pan and Michelle Pan Return to Canterlot

Katz played Zelda in The Good Dragon Prince

Katz played Scooby Doo in Katz Doo Where are You?

Katz played Genie Jafar in Vinnyladdin, Vinnyladdin: The Return of Eustace Bagge

Katz played Gallaxhar in MLP Heroes vs Cartoon Network Villains

Katz played Black Shadow in F ZERO GP Adventures

Katz played King Sombra in My Super Girl: Power is Magic

Katz played Ursula in The Little Zora Queen

Katz (with Weremole. Queen of the Black Puddle, Cajun Fox. Clutching Foot and Le Quack) played Gaston in The Trish Stratus and the Lizard

Katz played Rothbart in The Zora Princess

Katz played Horned King in The Sapphire Cauldron

Katz played Jafar in Dream Girladdin, Dream Girladdin: The Return of Katz

Katz played Cyclops in Kellycules

Katz played Soto in Wild Age

He is a Evil Saber

Katz played Garindan in Animation Star Wars




  • He, Weremole, Queen of The Black Puddle, Cajun Fox, Clutching Foot, Le Quack, Space Chicken, Space Chicken's Son, Alien Ducks, Freaky Fred, and Clutching Foot will hopefully make appearances in other movie spoof travels be working for villains in them.
  • His appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' Movie Spoof Travels are The Wizard of Oz (Uranimated18's Style) where he, Kuromi, Keiala Hardnut, Erebus Kangaroo, Farmer Macusoper, Fang Danger, Rasputin, Ludmilla, Le Quack, Cajun Fox, his pet spiders, Duck Brothers, Space Chicken, Roger Klotz, Boomer Bledsoe, Willie White, Ned Cauphee, and Stinky the Cat try to catch Stephen and his friends, but fail, and will hopefully be in more more spoof travels.