Kayley is the main protagonist of Quest For Camelot.

Voice Actors:

  1. Jessalyn Gilsig - English
  2. Andrea Corr (Singing Voice) - English
  3. Ranran Suzuki - Japanese
  4. Elsa Covian - Spanish
  5. Adriana Torres - Portuguese
  6. Olga Golovanov - Russian
  7. Katarzyna Tatarak - Polish
  8. Rama Messinger - Hebrew

Kayley played Pocahontas in Kayleyhontas

Kayley played Esmeralda in The Russian of Notre Dame

Kayley played Adult Nala in The Medieval King

Kayley played Princess Atta in A Knight's Life

Kayley played Queen Jamalia in Star Wars (160 Movies Style)

Kayley played Attina in The Little Nekojin

Kayley played Mrs. Jumbo in Boo (Dumbo)

Kayley played Auntie Macassar in The Big Comfy Couch (TheBluesRockz Style)

Kayley played Human Tiana in The Princess and the Cat (Chris1701 Style)

Kayley played the Screaming Woman in The Powerpuff Girls Movie (Disney and Sega Human Style)

Kayley played Mira Nova in Cale Tucker of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

Kayley played Kathy in Finding Dennis

Kayley played on of the Three Nymphs in Orinocules

Kayley played one of the mermaids in Yogi Pan



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