Kazeem is a young genie who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First.


Kazeem is a fun-loving genie who loves granting wishes. He's also shown to be mischievous to the point of having little regard for rules and responsibility which can make him a bit of a troublemaker. His main goal is to make people happy as shown when he wanted to grants as many wishes he could for as many people he could as opposed to just three wishes for just one person and when he started listening to Sofia after she showed him that his wish granting was doing more harm than good.

Role in the Series

Kazeem first appears in "New Genie on the Block" after Sofia accidentally let him out of his lamp. Sofia asks him to get back in the lamp but Kazeem refuses because he hasn't been out of his lamp before and can't wait to start granting everyone's wishes and flies off. He flies all over Tangu granting everyone's wishes which create the following: A crate full of dates, rain, a bunch of elephants, a bunch of balloons, giant chocolate chip cookies, a flying camel, and a bunch of monkeys.

Kazeem is later confronted by Sofia and Sergeant Fizz of the Genie Patrol. They explain the Genie Rules to him like how he can only grant three wishes to the one who let him out but the renegade genie refuses to listen and flies off. The pair chase him until Kazeem gets some kids to wish that Fizz is trapped in his lamp forcing Sofia to deal with him on her own since Kazeem is the only one who can let Fizz back out. Eventually, Sofia decides to show Kazeem the effects of his wish granting. Repentant, Kazeem grants Sofia's first two wishes: To free Fizz from his lamp and undo all his wishes. As a reward, Sofia uses her final wish to make Kazeem a member of the Genie Patrol, to his delight.


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