Littlewoodenhead214's Movie-Spoof of 1992's "Aladdin"


Belldandy as Princess Jasmine

Mordecai and Rigby as The Genie


Nigel and Raccoon as Gigantic Genie

Squidward as Old Jafar

Scar Snout as Genie Jafar

Tigger as Abu

Littlefoot as Camel Abu

Naveen as Duck Abu

Gordon as Car Abu

Woog as Elephant Abu

Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik as Magic Carpet

Brian as Rajah

Stitch as Cub Rajah

Hades-Hercules-disney-villains-1024543 720 480.jpg

Hades, Pain & Panic as Razoul and his henchmen

Peter as Peddler

Chalie as Prince Achmed

Plankton as Farouk


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