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The Kelp or Dominican gull (Larus dominicanus) is a large bird with slate-black wings, a white head and body, and an all-white tail. The underwing is white, tipped black, and the dark upper wing bears a white bar, with white markings on the wing tips. The beak is yellow, with a conspicuous red spot on the lower mandible, and the yellow eye is surrounded by an orange-red ring. The pale eyes, together with greenish-yellow rather than yellow legs, and a larger, more robust body, help distinguish the kelp gull from the similar-looking lesser black-backed gull (Larus fuscus). The male and female kelp gull are similar in appearance, while non-breeding adults have brown mottling on the head and neck. Juveniles are dark brown and mottled, with a blackish tail, dark beak, brownish legs, and brown eyes. Adult plumage is usually attained by the fourth year. The kelp gull’s call is a loud Ki-ok, and the alarm call is a short, repeated pok.




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