Ken is three years old. He is Toborr's younger brother. For the most part, he and Toborr get along fine, but occasionally have arguments. He is prone to anger. His best friend is Herman. Though Ken loves his older sister, Toborr, he sometimes struggles with being the younger brother, upset about being too little to do certain things, or frustrated when Toborr acts in certain ways. He is an adventurous sort and sometimes helps to give courage to Herman when he's afraid of things like visiting a dark forest. He is kind to others and encourages Toborr when she is at first reluctant about allowing Tom Allen to share the secret of Magic Land. He often enjoys acting silly or goofy. He sometimes acts in a stubborn manner, determined to prove that a child his age can do things on his own, even when he really needs help. He as strawberry blonde hair. He usually wears a green and white striped short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans.

Voice Actors:

  1. Bryn McAuley - English
  2. Chiyoko Kawashima - Japanese
  3. Chie Sato - Japanese
  4. Alex Høgh Andersen - Danish




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