Kenai is the protagonist of Disney's 2003 animated feature film, Brother Bear and its 2006 sequel.

Kenai plays Tarzan in Kenaiarzan and "Kenairzan"

He is a ape man

Kenai plays Lenny in Indian Tail

He is a shark

Kenai plays Ratchet in Kenai and Bernard (Ratchet and Clank movie)

He is a Lombax

Kenai plays Ash Ketchum in Pokemon (Disney Style), Pokemon the First Movie (Disney Style), Pokemon the Movie 2000 (Disney Style), and Pokemon 4Ever (Disney style)

He is a Pokemon Trainer

Kenai plays Mr. Krabs in SpongePrince Phillip SquarePants

He is a crab

Kenai plays Coraline Jones in Kenailine

He is a blue-haired girl

Kenai plays Fitch Munderson in Dumbo and Simba's Regular Show in "Think Positive" and Snow White, My Goddess: The Movie

He is an owner of Kimmy

Kenai plays Sammy in Disney Pokémon 4Ever (Disneystyle172 style)

He is a boy from the past

Kenai Plays Bruce Banner/Hulk in Marvel Cinematic Universe (Jean-Claude Style)

He is a scientist that can turn green when angered


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