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Kevin Jordan's my name. Here I am of my friends.

Members of Kevin's Clan:

and lots more!


Here's one of my favorite clan members.

Movie Spoofs:

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Hi! I'm Kevin Jordan. I'm here with my friends, Vampirina Hauntley & her friends, Poppy Peepleson, Bridget, Gregoria, Demi, & Edgar Peepleson from "Vampirina". And here’s Goldie Locks & her best friend, Jack Bear, & her friends, Little Red Riding Hood, Beanstalk Jack, Humpty Dumpty, Brix, Baley, & Twigs from "Goldie & Bear". And here’s Miles Callisto & his sister, Loretta Callisto, & his ostrich, MERC from "Miles from Tomorrowland". And here’s Princess Sofia, & her friend, Princess Vivian from "Sofia the First". And here's Doc McStuffins & her toys from "Doc McStuffins", Nancy Clancy from "Fancy Nancy", Kit Secord from "The Rocketeer", & Mira from "Mira, Royal Detective". And here’s more of Hanna-Barbera animal friends, Pooh & his pals, the Peanuts gang, & more!

Spoof Log:

  • Taran Claus is Coming to Town (DONE)
  • Yogi Bear (Frosty the Snowman) (DONE)
  • The Aristohumans (Working On)
  • The Many Adventures of Yogi Bear (Working On)
  • Snoopy (Dumbo) (Working On)
  • Taran Pan (Working On)
  • The Little Mer-Princess 3: Goldie's Beginning (Working On)
  • Mirahontas (Working On)
  • Milesladdin 2: The Return of Frollo (Working On)

and lots more!


Location: United States