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Kevin Jordan's my name. Here I am of my friends.

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Type of films
21 Disney
5 Rankin/Bass Productions
8 other companies

Members of Kevin's Clan:

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Here's one of my favorite clan members.


Title Release date Company production Co-director Notes
1 The Little Mer-Princess February 26, 2019 Disney 1st
2 Goldie in Wonderland April 2, 2019 Disney 2nd
3 Goldierella June 25, 2019 Disney 3rd
4 Goldie White and the Seven Characters August 8, 2019 Disney 4th
5 How the Cricket Stole Christmas (1966) December 18, 2019 Chuck Jones Productions
Dr. Seuss 5th, 1st Christmas spoof
6 The Little Mer-Princess 2: Return to the Sea January 3, 2020 Disney 6th
7 Milesladdin February 16, 2020 Disney 7th
8 The Great Fox Detective April 30, 2020 Disney 8th
9 Piglet Hood May 3, 2020 Disney 9th
10 The Sword in the Stone (Kevin Jordan Style) June 18, 2020 Disney 10th
11 The Black Cauldron (Kevin Jordan Style) September 7, 2020 Disney 11th
12 Taran Claus is Coming to Town November 12, 2020 Rankin/Bass Productions Fred Astaire 12th, 2nd Christmas spoof
13 Yogi Bear (Frosty the Snowman) December 1, 2020 Rankin/Bass Productions Jimmy Durante 13th, 3rd Christmas spoof
14 The Aristohumans February 24, 2021 Disney 14th
15 The Many Adventures of Yogi Bear March 9, 2021 Disney 15th
16 Snoopy (Dumbo) April 25, 2021 Disney 16th
17 Taran Pan May 12, 2021 Disney 17th
18 The Little Mer-Princess 3: Goldie's Beginning July 29, 2021 Disney 18th
19 Mirahontas September 3, 2021 Disney 19th
20 The Return of Frollo September 11, 2021 Disney 20th
21 The Cat and the Bear November 2, 2021 Disney 21st
22 Piglet the Red-Nosed Pig December 1, 2021 Rankin/Bass Productions Burl Ives 22nd, 4th Christmas spoof
23 The Wizard of Oz (Kevin Jordan Style) January, 2022 MGM 23rd
24 The Secret of NIMH (Kevin Jordan Style) February, 2022 MGM Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
25 Here Comes Robin Hood April, 2022 Rankin/Bass Productions Danny Kaye 25th, 1st Easter spoof
26 Yogi and the Beanstalk 2022 Walt Disney 26th
27 Piglet & Company 2022 Walt Disney 27th
28 Miralan 2022 Walt Disney 28th
29 One Hundred and One Cats 2022 Walt Disney 29th
30 It's the Great Pumpkin, Miles Brown October, 2022 Lee Mendelson Productions
Bill Melendez Productions
United Feature Syndicate
Charles M. Schulz 30th; 2nd Halloween spoof
31 A Miles Brown Thanksgiving November, 2022 United Feature Syndicate Charles M. Schulz 31st; 1st Thanksgiving spoof
32 A Miles Brown Christmas December, 2022 Lee Mendelson Productions Charles M. Schulz 32nd; 5th Christmas spoof
33 The Pebble and the Bear January, 2023 MGM Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
34 Milesladdin 3: The King of Thieves 2023 Walt Disney 34th
35 Goldielina 2023 20th Century Fox Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
36 Milesnocchio 2023 Walt Disney 36th
37 The Little Space Boy November, 2023 Rankin/Bass Productions Greer Garson 37th, 6th Christmas spoof
38 Yogi's Christmas Carol December, 2023 Walt Disney 38th, 7th Christmas spoof

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Hi! I'm Kevin Jordan. I'm here with my friends, Vampirina Hauntley & her friends, Poppy Peepleson, Bridget, Gregoria, Demi, & Edgar Peepleson from "Vampirina". And here’s Goldie Locks & her best friend, Jack Bear, & her friends, Little Red Riding Hood, Beanstalk Jack, Humpty Dumpty, Brix, Baley, & Twigs from "Goldie & Bear". And here’s Miles Callisto & his sister, Loretta Callisto, & his ostrich, MERC from "Miles from Tomorrowland". And here’s Princess Sofia, & her friend, Princess Vivian from "Sofia the First". And here's Doc McStuffins & her toys from "Doc McStuffins", Nancy Clancy from "Fancy Nancy", Kit Secord from "The Rocketeer", & Mira from "Mira, Royal Detective". And here’s more of Hanna-Barbera animal friends, Pooh & his pals, the Peanuts gang, & more!

Spoof Log:

  • The Aristohumans (Working On)
  • The Many Adventures of Yogi Bear (Working On)
  • Snoopy (Dumbo) (Working On)
  • Taran Pan (Working On)
  • The Little Mer-Princess 3: Goldie's Beginning (Working On)
  • Mirahontas (Working On)
  • Milesladdin 2: The Return of Frollo (Working On)
  • The Cat and the Bear (Working On)
  • Piglet the Red-Nosed Pig (Working On)

and lots more!


Location: United States