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Kiara (otherwise known as Kiara "Wilde" Pridelander by the 547 Phase Awesomeness) is a beautiful lioness from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. She's Simba and Nala's eldest child.


Kiara played Princess Leia in Star Wars (PrinceKodi Animal Style)

She is a Rebel Princess and The sister of Luke

Kiara Played Wilma Flintstone In The Flintstones (TheTureDisneyKing Animal Style)

She Is A Stone -Ager

Kiara played Emmet Brickowski in Atypical: The Furry Movie (The Lego Movie Parody) (Phase Awesomeness), and in Atypical 2: The Furry Movie (The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part), along with Nick Wilde and Reynold "Bearen" Michaels

She becomes a member of the Anthro Heroes Society and is best friends with Nick Wilde (Zootopia) and Reynold "Bearen" Michaels.

She also learns how to rap from Bearen and Nick, as proven in the song "Let Me Be Honest".

In the latter parody, Kiara finds a strong role model in Wilde Pridelander, with her friend Bearen also looking up to Shining Armor, both serving as concerns for Nick (despite the fact that he himself follows Garth's lead).

Kiara played Eurobeat Brony in November, along with Nick Wilde and Reynold "Bearen" Michaels

He is a male pony.

Kiara played Robespierre in Just Call It A Day (A Gay Purr-ee Parody), alongside Bearen and Nick Wilde

He (Robespierre) is a young, small cat and Jaune Tom's best friend.

Kiara played Dave the Minion in Fourscore: Polar's Wild Adventure (Awesome Me 2), alongside Balto.

He is a lovable Minion and Stuart's best friend.

Kiara played Laura Carrot in FunnyTales and FunnyTales in the Wild, alongside Aleu. 

She is a young carrot and Junior's best friend.

Kiara also played Dave the Minion in Furries (Minions Parody), Awesome Me, and Awesome Me 3: Matthew's Destiny, alongside Simba.

He is a responsible, practical, and faithful Minion.

Kiara makes a major supporting appearance in Animated Party (Sausage Party)

She is a survivor of the Great Beyond and encourages Kovu to make a difference in his own story.

Kiara played in The Powerpuff Girls (Coolzdane Animal Style)

She is a Stepmother

Kiara played Concession Girl 2 in Front Row Orinoco

Kiara played Padme Amidala in Animation Star Wars

She is a Queen and Senator

Kiara played Suellen O'Hara in Gone with the Wind (nikkdisneylover8390's animal style)

Kiara played Belle in Beauty and the Beast (Michaelsar12isback Style)Beauty and the Wolf and Beauty and the Microraptor

She is a Girl

Kiara played Ariel in The Little Lion

She is a Mermaid

Kiara played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Kiara

She is a sleeping princess

Kiara played Lilly Curtis in 2012 (Phase Awesomeness)

She is the younger brother of Noah Curtis

Kiara played Kelsey in Fievel in New York

She is Robert's love interest and helper

Kiara played Princess Mindy in The Kodiak Wolf-Dog Movie (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie)

She is a mermaid princess

Kiara played Violet Parr in The Incredibles (CoolZDane Animal Style)

She is a Super Hero

Kiara played Terk (Adult) in Dannyarzan

She is a Gorilla

Kiara played Alice in Kiara in Wonderland

She is a Wonder Girl

Kiara played Pearl Krabs in SpongeDumbo, The SpongeDumbo SquareElephant Movie and The SpongeDumbo Movie: Elephant Out of Water

She is a whale

Kiara played Kuzco Human in The Lioness's New Groove

She is a Human

Kiara played Flo in All animal Go To Heaven (CoolZDane's version)

She is Charlie's Best Friend

Kiara played Princess Jasmine in Kovuladdin

She is a Arabian Princess

Kiara played Violet Beauregarde in Thumper and the Chocolate Factory

She is a young adult gum chewing lioness, she is expanded into a giant and king sized blueberry

Kiara played one of the Ladies Laughing at Aladdin in Simbaladdin

She is a Woman

Kiara played Princess Yue in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

She is a Moon Princess

Kiara Played Mai in Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

She is a Fire Nation Noble

Kiara Played Megera in Kovucules

She Secretly Works for Hades

Kiara Played Kala in Shining Armorzan

She's Tarzan's Adoptive Mother

Kiara Played Jill Young in Mighty Werehog Young

Kiara Played Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6 (TheBluesRockz Style)

Kiara Played GoGo Tomago in Big Hero 6 (AbananzerGoode485 Style)

Kiara Played Laa-Laa in Canal FamilleTubbies

She is a Yellow Teletubby

Kiara Played Flora in Sleeping Vixey

She is a Red Fairy

Kiara Played Rainbow Dash in My Little Animal: Friendship Is Magic (TomandJerryFan36 Version), and My Little Animal: Friendship is Magic (Twilight'sSpaceStar17 Style)

She is a Pegasus

Kiara Played Clara in The Meerkat Prince

She is a Girl

Kiara Played Adult Miriam in The Lion Prince of Egypt

She is Moses' Sister

Kiara Played Adult Merida in Brave (CoolZDane's Animal Style)

She is a Brave Princess

Kiara Played Peacock in Canal Famille Planet

She is a Peacock

Kiara Played Sandy Cheeks in The Mickey Mouse Movie (Ice Agerockz style)

She is a Squirrel

Kiara Played Lady in Mickey and Friends, Mickey Mouse (aka Thomas the Tank Engine) and Mickey and The Magic Toontown

She is a Victorian-style steam engine

Kiara Played Princess Anna in Frozen (CoolZDane's Animal Style)

She is a Princess from Arendelle

Kiara Played Sarah Whittle in Jumanji (LupeWolf22 Animal Style)

Kiara Played Vixey in The Lion and the Bear

She is a vixen

Kiara Played Janice in The Muppets (Animal style) and Muppets Most Wanted (Animal Style)

She is a hippie

Kiara Played Kasumi In Pokemon (1956Movies Animal Style)

She is A Gym Leader

Kiara played Eunice in Hotel Transylvania (AnimatedFan195 Animal Style), Hotel Transylvania 2 (AnimatedFan195 Animal Style), and Hotel Transylvania 3 (AnimatedFan195 Animal Style): Summer Vacation

She is Frankenstein's wife

Kiara played Bear Elinor in Brave (Davidchannel's Version) and Brave (Princess Rapunzel Style)


  • Father - Simba
  • Adoptive "Father" - Bearen
  • Mother - Nala
  • Boyfriend and mate - Kovu
  • Brother - Kion
  • Mother-in-law - Zira
  • Sister-in-law - Vitani
  • Brother-in-law - Nuka
  • Cubs - in - law - Ashley Nicole

Best "Animash" Friends

Reynold "Bearen" Michaels [polar bear] (Original)

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps (Zootopia)

Matthew Micahs [cheetah]

Jane Wolfe [gray fox]

Jeremy Lawrence [kangaroo] (Original)

Agent Classified (Penguins of Madagascar)

Tigress (Kung Fu Panda)

Applejack and Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony)

Balto, Jenna, Kodi, and Aleu (Balto trilogy)

Fuli (The Lion Guard)

Joel Joshua Johnson and Kiana Christina [kangaroo] (Original)

Johnny Johnson [giant panda]

Samson Maxwells [panda/vampire coyote]

Kenai (Brother Bear)

Nicknames and Alternate Selves 

Princess (The Lion King II: Simba's Pride) - both by Simba (lovingly) and Kovu (teasingly) in reference to her royal lineage.

Kiara "Wilde" Pridelander (Phase Awesomeness) - present, so dubbed by Nick and Reynold, as well as the rest of the 547, since Just Call It a Day.

Wilde "Who" Pridelander (Phase Awesomeness) - future self, with a slight semblance to Doctor Who, as revealed in Atypical 2: The Furry Movie.

Starring and Supporting Appearances

Awesome Me 3: Matthew's Destiny

Guest Appearances

Non-Animal Friends

Gerry Flowertop (Light and Darkness saga)

Emily Brending (Light and Darkness saga)

Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves)

Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Wrecks the Internet) - Fanfiction Proposal

Felix Perpena




Mowgli (The Jungle Book)

Worst "Animash" Enemies

Scar (The Lion King), formerly


Adventurous - Her dad's side

Girly - Her mom's side

Flirtatious - Her dad and mom's side

Proud - Her dad and mom's side

Brave - Her dad's side


Kiara's Feet and Soles

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