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TheCartoonMan12's TV Spoof of "Muppet Babies".


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Season 1

  • Noisy Neighbors
  • Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Dark?
  • Dental Hyjinks
  • Raiders of the Lost Kids World
  • Bobby's Hidden Talent
  • The Case of the Missing Chicken
  • Eight Take-Away One Equals Panic
  • What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?
  • Close Encounters of the Rugrat Kind
  • Tails' Video Show
  • Fun Park Fantasies
  • From a Galaxy Far, Far Away
  • Good, Clean, Fun

Season 2

  • Once Upon an Egg Timer
  • Angelica's Hyper-Activity Book
  • Rocko's Last Laugh
  • The Great Cookie Robbery
  • Out-of-This-World History
  • Snow White and the Seven Kids Worlds
  • I Want My Kids World TV!
  • Musical Kids World
  • What's New at the Zoo?
  • The Great Kids World Cartoon Show
  • The Kids World Museum of Art
  • By the Book
  • When You Wish Upon a Kids World

Season 3

  • Angelicarella
  • The Best Friend I Never Had
  • The Boy Zone
  • Kids World in Toyland
  • The Kids World Broadcasting Company
  • Tommy Pickles Goes to Washington
  • Rocko's Family Tree
  • The Daily Kids World
  • Bobby's Uncommon Cold
  • Treasure Attic
  • Around the Nursery in 80 Days
  • Fine Feather Enemies
  • Kids World Goose
  • Bad Luck Rocko
  • Of Mice and Kids World
  • Back to the Nursery

Season 4

  • Kiddieworldland
  • Water Babies
  • The Incredible Shrinking Tails
  • Where No Kids World Has Gone Before
  • Journey To The Center Of The Nursery
  • This Little Angelica Went To Hollywood
  • My Kids World Valentine
  • Invasion Of The Kids World Snackers
  • Twinkle Toe Kids World
  • Boy For The Prosecution
  • Kids World Island
  • The Pickle Who Knew Too Much
  • Beach Blanket Babies
  • Old MacTommy Had A Farm
  • Adventures In Kids World-Sitting
  • The House That Kids World Built
  • Masquerading Kids World
  • Granny's Day Off

Season 5

  • Kids Worlds Not Included
  • Beauty and The Fox
  • The Pickle Who Would Be Queen
  • Is There a Kids World in The House?
  • Slipboying Beauty
  • Kids World Baby Boom
  • Bobby By Any Other Name
  • He's A Wonderful Pickles
  • Elm Street Babies
  • Plan Eight from Outer Space
  • Junkyard Kids World
  • The Air Conditioner at The End of The Galaxy
  • Bug-Busting Babies

Season 6

  • This Old Nursery
  • And Now a Word From Our Kids World
  • Six-To-Eight Weeks
  • The Pickle Ranger
  • Not Necessarily The Babies
  • Comic Capers
  • Faster Than a Speeding Boy
  • Sabrina and The Wolf
  • Romancing the Boy
  • The New Adventures of Tommo Polo
  • Goosetown Babies

and lots more!


Kids World Babies (Kids Klassics)

Explore With Us

  • The New Adventures of Tommo Polo
  • The Big Transcontinental Whoo-Whoo

Let's Build

  • Six-to-Eight Weeks
  • The Flags Over the Nursery

Time to Play

  • Kids World Babies: The Next Generation
  • Beauty and the Schnoz

Be My Valentine

  • My Kids World Valentine

Yes, I Can Help

  • Good Clean Fun
  • Get Me to the Perch on Time

Yes, I Can Learn

  • Tommy Pickles Goes to Washington
  • Nice to Have Gnome You

Yes, I Can Be a Friend

  • The Great Cookie Robbery
  • Pigerella


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