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Killer is a character in "All Dogs Go to Heaven".

He played Chopper (Pokemon) in Pokemon (Houndmau5 animal style)

He is a cool guy

He played lago in Trampladdin

He is a parrot

He played Hunch in Deer-A-Doodle

He is a owl

He played Marv in Home Alone (FGRForever Animal Style)

He is a burglar

He played Gazeem the Thief in Todladdin, and Scoobyladdin

He is a thief & Jafar's partner

He played Kaa in The Jungle Book (NimbusKidsMovies Version)

He is a python

He played Banzai in The Tramp King

He is a Grumpy Hyena

He played Ed in The Aristocat King & The Aristocat King 3

He is a laughing hyena

He played The Chameleon in T.U.F.F Fox

He played Sir Hiss in Dodger Hood

He is a green snake

He played Berkeley Beetle in Dustylina

He is a Love Seeking Beetle

He played Carpenter in Lily in Wonderland

He is a carpenter

He played Fidget in The Great Courage Detective

He is a bat

He played Justin's Advisor in The Secret of NIMH (DogsVersion)

He is a leader's advisor

He played The King of Hearts in Sawyer in Wonderland

He played Ragetti in Animals of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (KodiandDusty Fan), Animals of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (KodiandDusty Fan) and Animals of the Caribbean: At World's End (KodiandDusty Fan)

He is a pirate

He played The Fourth Policeman in Guido and Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

He is a Policeman

He played Wiggins along with Carface in Jenny Mcbribehontas

He is Ratcliffe's Sidekick

He played Le'Fou Along with Carface in Beauty and the Jedi and Beauty and the Deer

He is Gaston's Sidekick

He played SkyTrain Mark I #106

He is playable with Anthony Roberts


  • In the All Wolves Go To Heaven series- Played by Star
  • In the All Knights Go To Heaven series- Played by Blade-Beaken
  • In the All Animals Go To Heaven [MichaeSar12isBack] series Played by Baboon
  • In the All Arabians Go To Heaven Series Played by Abis Mal
  • In All Animals Go to Heaven (Baddwing Style) Played by Ronno
  • In All Critters go to Heaven Played by Sir Hiss
  • In the All Pony's Go To Heaven Series Played by Larry
  • In the All Penguins Go To Heaven Series Played Reggie Belafonte
  • In the All Animals Go To Heaven [CoolZDane Series] Played By Kaa
  • In the All Animals Go To Heaven [Davidchannel Version] series Played By Cheezi and Chungu
  • In the All Animals Go To Heaven [MichaelCityMaker] Played by Nuka
  • In the All Toons Go To Heaven Series Played by Discord
  • In the All Humans Go To Heaven [CoolZDane] and All Outbacks Go To Heaven Series Played By Mr. Snoops


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