This is a parody and Lord Jesus Favorites' movie-spoof of 1950 Disney film "Cinderella". It will appear the video on YouTube. Coming soon to YouTube for the first time ever. October 9th, 2014.


  • Kim Wu (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) as Cinderella
  • Raven (Tekken New World) as Prince Charming
  • Tillie Hippo (Cats Don't Dance) as The Fairy Godmother
  • Yellow Toad (New Super Mario Bros Wii/New Super Mario Bros U) as Jaq
  • Blue Toad (New Super Mario Bros Wii/New Super Mario Bros U) as Gus
  • Madame Medusa (The Rescuers) as Lady Tremaine
  • Nina Williams (Tekken) as Anastasia Tremaine
  • Anna Williams (Tekken) as Drizella Tremaine
  • Wiggler (Mario Bros) as Lucifer
  • Big Daddy (The Princess and the Frog) as The King
  • Luigi (Mario Bros) as The Grand Duke
  • Max the Sheepdog (The Little Mermaid) as Bruno
  • Bullseye (Toy Story 2/Toy Story 3) as Major
  • Madeline (Madeline) as Young Cinderella
  • Young Nina Williams (Tekken) as Young Anastasia Tremaine
  • Young Anna Williams (Tekken) as Young Drizella Tremaine
  • Toads (Mario Bros) as The Mice
  • Birds (Rio) as The Birds
  • Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country) as Maid Mouse
  • Tiny Kong (Donkey Kong Country) as Perla Mouse
  • The People as Themselves
  • Dimitri (Anastasia (1997) as Major as Coachman
  • Bashful (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) as Bruno as Coachman
  • Beaver (Lady and the Tramp) as The Royal Messenger
  • Rover (Snoopy) as Footman
  • CDA (Monsters, Inc.) as The Guards
  • Lord Coo-Coo Face (Madeline) as Cinderella's Father
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