Mah Boi, This Peace Is What All True Warriors Strive For!

King Harkinian, or The King for short, (born April 10, 1957; age 58) is the main character/protagonist of YouTube Poop. He appeared in the 2 Legend of Zelda games for the CD-I as a minor character and in the cartoon series with a different design. Whether he is good or bad varies, but his love for dinner is unquestionable as shown in Poops and the games.

He plays Geppetto in Linkcchio

He plays Mufasa in The Fairies King and The Fairies King 2: Cornelius' Pride

He plays Cassim in Linkladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He plays himself in Clash of the Links

He plays Peter Griffin in King Guy

He Plays Hamm in Cartoon Story 1 Cartoon Story 2 and Cartoon Story 3

He plays the Dodo in Zelda in Wonderland

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