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Kion is a lion cub from The Lion Guard. He is Rani's mate and king of the Tree of Life.


Kion played Junior Asparagus in FunnyTales and FunnyTales in the Wild , alongside Kodiak (Phase Awesomeness) 

He is a young asparagus.

Kion played Prince Alexander in Threefold: The Heroes Who Don't Do Anything (Phase Awesomeness)

He is an teenage leek

Kion played Mr. Potato Head in Russian Story (Casual Humanoid 2021 Style), Russian Story 2 (Casual Humanoid 2021 Style), Russian Story 3 (Casual Humanoid 2021 Style) and Russian Story 4 (Casual Humanoid 2021 Style)

He is an Potato Head

Kion played Sean Anderson in The Journey of a Wild-Lifetime

He is a 13-year-old teenager, the son of Max Anderson, and the nephew of Trevor Anderson. He formally has a crush of Hannah.

Kion played Mel the Minion in Awesome Me 3: Matthew's Destiny, alongside Jenna.

He is a rebel leader Minion.

Kion played Bambi in Kionambi and Kionambi II

He is a fawn

Kion played Flounder in The Little Mer-Camille

He is a fish

Kion played Roo in The Many Adventures of Garfield the Cat

He is a kangaroo joey

Kion played The Beast in the Beauty and the Lion Trilogy

He is a Beast.

Kion played Prince Edward (Animated) in Enchanted (TheWildAnimal13 Style)

He is an animated prince

Kion played Prince Philip in Sleeping Cheetah

He is a Prince

Kion played Shrek in Kion (Shrek)

He is an ogre

Kion played Puss in Boots in the Janja (Shrek) Series

He is a cat

Kion played Thomas the Tank Engine in Kion the Lion Cub & Friends

He is a train

Kion played Prince Charming in Fulirella

He is a prince

Kion played Wolf the Wolf in Hoodwinked (TheWildAnimal13 Animal Style) and Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil (TheWildAnimal13 Animal Style)

He is a big bad wolf.

Kion played Hiccup in How to Train Your Bird (TheWildAnimal13 Style) and How to Train Your Bird 2 (TheWildAnimal13 Style)

He is a young viking

Kion played Young Aladdin in Alexladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a young boy

Kion played the Genie in Nick Wildeladdin

He is a Genie

Kion played Alex in Madagascar (TheWildAnimal13 Style), Madagascar (TheWildAnimal13 Style): Escape 2 Africa, and Madagascar (TheWildAnimal13 Style) 3: Europe's Most Wanted

He is a lion

Kion played Rex with Bunga in We're Back! A Lion Guard's Story

He is an orange Tyrannosaurus rex

Kion played Toaster in The Brave Little Lion Cub (Abeiscool40 Style), The Brave Little Lion Cub to the Rescue, and The Brave Little Lion Cub Goes to Mars

He is a toaster

Kion played Toothless in How to Train Your Lion Guard and How to Train Your Lion Guard 2

He is a dragon

Kion played Foxy the Pirate Fox in Five Nights at Balto's Series

He is a Pirate Fox Animatronic

Kion played Hans (Nutcracker) in The Lion Prince (1990)

He is a Nutcracker

Kion played Kirby in Kion Right Back at Ya! and Super DaveGrruly Bros. Series

Kion Played Nemo in Finding Nemo (ProMasterepic's style) and Finding Dory (ProMasterepic's style)

Kion Played Luigi in Cars 2 (Ryanruebsamen Version)