Fa Mulan - Kirbie (3 Amigonauts)

Li Shang - Chunk (The ZhuZhus)

Mushu - Sly Cooper

Cri-Kee - Remy (Ratatouille)

Mulan as Ping - Luc (Looped)

Fa Zhou - Rusty Rivets

Fa Li - Abby Hatcher

Grandma Fa - Cinderella

First Ancestor - Mufasa (The Lion King)

Ling - Grey (Sheeps And Wolves)

Chien-Po - Danny (Cats Don't Dance)

Yao - Nick Wilde (Zootopia)

General Li - Hercules

Emperor - Rioichi Cooper (Sly Cooper:Thieves In Time)

Matchmaker - Bellwether (Zootopia)

Hayabusa The Falcon - General Tsao (Sly 3:Honor Among Thieves)

Khan - Ferdinand (Ferdinand (2017))

Little Brother - Ozzy (Ozzy (2017))

Great Wall Guard - Alex (Madagascar)

Shan Yu - Ragear (Sheeps And Wolves)

Chi-Fu - Zazu (The Lion King)

Shan Yu's Acher - Clockwerk (Sly Cooper)

Shang Yu's Scout - Sir Raleigh (Sly Cooper)

Shan Yu's Huntsman - Muggshot (Sly Cooper)

Shan Yu's Bodyguard 1 - Panda King (Sly Cooper)

Shan Yu's Bodyguard 2 - Dimitri Lousteau (Sly 2:Band Of Thieves)

Imperial Scout 1 - Barry B. Benson (Bee Movie)

Imperial Scout 2 - Adam Flayman (Bee Movie)

Ancestors - Lionesses (The Lion King)

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