Klaus Vorstein

Klaus Vorstein is the secondary antagonist in "The Chipmunk Adventure", who also serves as Claudia's partner-in-crime.

Voice Actors:

He played The Clown in The Brave Little Chipmunk

He played Quartermaine In Dave and Cookie Chomper III and the Curse of the Were-Cat

He played Zander in Dinosaur King (397Movies Human Style)

He played Malachite in Sailor Brittany

He played James in Pokemon (1961Movies Style)

He played Dexter's Enemy In Darien's Lab

He played Genie Jafar In Alvinladdin

He played Elmer Fudd In Alvin aka Bugs Bunny

He played Rancid Rabbit In Basil alvin aka dog

He played Mozenrath In Aladdin (4000Movies Styl) tv series

He played Syndrome In The Incredibles (1953Movies Style)

He played Makunga In Madgascar 2:Escape to (Chris1703 Style)

He played Lord Dargis In Alvin: A Tail of Two Chipmunks

He played Bowser In Super Alvin Bros Series

He played Grand Zirconia In Sailor Olivia

He played Mac's Bully Brother In Forster's Home of Imaginary Rodents

He played Sid Phillips In Animal Story (399Movies Style)

He played Barty Crounch Jr. In Dale Potter

He played Prince Charming In Theodore 2 (Shrek 2)

He is a Evil Prince

He played Caledon Nathan Hockley In Titanic (Chris1701 Style)

He is Rose's Ex-Boyfriend

He played Shingo Shoji In Initial D (TheBluesRockz Style)

he is mamber of night kids

He will play Lickboot in Nezumi-Otoko/Rat Man and Kitaro: The Movie



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