is one of Velo's champions and is the champion of Terra, the first planet in Crash Nitro Kart. When he first sees the racers, he immediately condemns them as slow, and demands Velo to send them back, but when Velo informs Krunk that they are from Earth, a planet which he shows dislike towards for "copying" Terra, he declares that he'll race to prove his planet is better. When the player races him, he will lay down Sticky Fruit to try to stop the player's character from winning. Defeating him gets the player the first of the four keys in the game. When he is defeated by Team Bandicoot, he sadly tells them that Terra is free to roam because they now have his key. After hearing this, Crash shows a bit of compassion for Krunk and gives him his Yo-Yo which Krunk sees as a gift from Earth. Afterwards, he apologizes, admitting that it was Terra that "copied" Earth as he tries to learn how the yo-yo works. Afterwards, Velo warps up and sees Krunk tangled up in Crash's yo-yo, and is disgusted and angrily tells him to leave his sight. Krunk is then teleported away, most likely back to his home planet Terra. When defeated by Team Cortex, he says the same thing and asks them not to cause trouble. Cortex promises this, at least until he conquers his own planet first, to which Krunk shows disdain for. Velo appears and tells Krunk to leave his sight. Krunk is then teleported away, most likely back to Terra.


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