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Krypto the Superdog is a dog from Krypto the Superdog

As Tramp in Brainy & The Krypto

He is a handsome stray

As King David in Krypto

He is a king

As Will Turner in Animals Of The Caribbean

He is a pirate

As Bato In Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

He is a man from the Southern Water Tribe

As David in Mammoth Mutt & Sonic

He is a Hawaiian teenager

As Donkey Kong in Krypto Kong Country

He is a gorilla

As Kerchak in Baltozan

He is a gorilla

As Zeus in Baltcules

He is a god

As Kronk In The Wolf-Dog's New Groove

He wants to be a chef

As Rajah in Sportacusladdin

He is a Tiger

As Aladdin in Kryptoladdin, Kryptoladdin 2: The Return of Red and Kryptoladdin 3: The King of Theives

As Superman in The LEGO Movie (CoolZDane Animal Style)

As Bob Parr in The Incredibles (DisneyTHX Animal Style)

As Puggsy in Kovu and RJ: The Movie

As Manny in Animal Age (WolfeOmegaGirl)

He is a wooly mammoth.

As Gordon the Big Engine in Spirit the Stallion and Friends



  • His appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' Movie Spoof Travels are Skunkules, Home on the Range (DalMatian Tunes' Style), Kermit's Winter Wonderland, The Little Jungle Boy, Kermiladdin 2: The Return of McLeach, AiAi the Monkey and A Day for George, The Reindeer and the Deer, Animal Story 2 (Stephen Druschke's Style), AiAi's Grand Adventure: The Search for Tails, A Cartoon Character's Life, Nikki's Adventures of Sing Along Songs Episode 7, Here Comes Winnie the Pooh, Animals, Inc. (Dragon Rockz's Style), Simba 2, Miss Bianca and the Bernard 2: Fievel's Adventure, FernGully: The Last Rainforest (Dragon Rockz's Style), A Pooh in Central Park, Bubblesrella 2: Dreams Come True, The Brave Little Piglet, Kung Fu Owen, Nikki's Adventures of Sing Along Songs Episode 8, The Thomas O'Malley Movie, Kermit Returns, Fievel the Red Nosed Mouse and The Island of Misfits, Nikki's Adventures of Sing Along Songs Episode 9, A Cartoon Character's Life Activity Center, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Justin Quintanilla's Style), Finding Alvin (J.B. Eagle's Style), Animated Tale (TheTure DisneyKing's Style), The Forest Book 2 (TrainBoy43's Style), Nikki's Adventures of Sing Along Songs Episode 10, Madagascar (FamousImagination50's Style), Sleeping Beauty (Justin Quintanilla's Style), Aurorastasia, Despicable Me (Justin Quintanilla's Style), We're Back!: A Jungle Animal's Story, Jimmynocchio, and The Wizard of Oz (Uranimated18's Style) and will even be in more movie spoof travels.