Kubo render

Kubo is a main character and son of Hanzo and Sariatu from Kubo and the Two Strings. He is voiced by Art Parkinson.

Kubo plays Harry Potter in Kubo Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Kubo plays Samurai in Pokemon (4000Movies Style)

Kubo plays Lapis Lazuil in Jimmy Neutron (Steven Universe)

Kubo plays Chip (Human) in Beauty and the Stork

Kubo plays Young Cornelius in Once Upon a Canal Famille

Kubo plays Monkey in Genevieve's Clues: What Time is it for Genevieve?

Kubo plays Patrick Star in Tedbob WigginsBob, The Tedbob WigginsBob Movie 1 and 2

Kubo plays Bugsy in Pokémon (kenzcoolz style)

Kubo plays Sora in Kingdom Hearts (kenzcoolz style)

Kubo plays Japanese Penguin in Surf's Up (Zack Isaac Sanchez Style)

Kubo plays Aladdin in Kuboladdin (Dragon Rockz Style)


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