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Kyle Finkster is a rowdy little brat who likes to bully Andy Johnson, Andy and Rodney's arch enemy. Kyle has a pet parrot Named Salty Mike. He first appeared in "Scout's Dishonor", where he was in the Badger Scouts. Kyle got Andy and Rodney in trouble. Then Andy got blamed when Kyle should have. Andy and Rodney were glad they would never see him or his pet/friend parrot again but they moved into Andy's neighborhood as part of Kyle's father's Witness Protection Program. Kyle seems to like using hammer or hammer-type things to cause damage to property.

It seems that they like to purloin things, for instance in Up All Night, he and Salty Mike were stealing lawn ornaments. In Harried Treasure, they would take all of the treasure from Rodney and Andy. It also seems that Kyle never learns anything from his mistakes. When Kyle's toenails grow too long, they have to be clipped off by Salty Mike. In Yer Out!, he is part of Andy's Little League team "The Fighting Worms" which is coached by Mr. Johnson (later by Rodney).

Kyle seems to get easily annoyed and angered, often stating things that make him mad. ("Fancy British talk makes me mad...")

He is voiced by Billy West. Kyle have cousin and never mentioned. Kyle make prank with Crazed Dog.