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Kyle Raymond Larrow (born December 22, 1991) is a former ZOOMer from the seasons 6 and 7 of ZOOM.

Guest Appearances on Other Shows

  • Arthur and Buster's Thanksgiving Special
  • Ned: Guide to Daydream and Gym
  • Baby Einstein - My First Signs, Baby's Favorite Places, and Baby Wordsworth
  • He also appears on the show called Toni and Friends.


  • Born to David and Jane Larrow, he has two younger sisters.
  • The outfits that Kyle wore in season 6 and 7 wore light green t-shirts.
    • The one he wore for season 6 had white along the shoulders with 2 narrow black stripes.
    • The one he wore for season 7 had colorful surfboards on it.
    • The kid is a stud

Pet Profile

Dog named Bailey.

Sibling statusEdit

Two younger sisters.

More about me

My whole family just fits together. My Mom and Dad are great together, and my sisters are the best. They're all the most important people in my life. They're wacky and fun, very cool to be around. We say two prayers a day, love to go to the beach and eat out at restaurants.

A few factoids

My favorite sandwich is jalapeños, salami, bologna, cheese, ham, oil and vinegar, but if I could only take three foods to the moon, I'd take: tacos, spinach, and French meat pie. Even though some of my favorite books are The Witches and the Fingerprints Series, if I could be any character from a book, I'd be Harry Potter because he gets in awesome adventures.

To be a good friends

You have to support someone no matter what, and you have to know how to forgive!

And to all the ZOOMers out there

Being on ZOOM has made me realize that you can do anything you put your mind to. So, follow your dreams!

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