She is a characters from Animals of Farthing Wood.

Lady Blue Played Drizella Tremaine In Dustyrella

She is a Step-Sister 

Lady Blue played Hama in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

She is a Cruel Water Bender

Lady Blue played Su in Kung Fu Wolf: Legends Of Awesomeness

She is a beautiful thief

Lady Blue played The Queen As A Hag in Brainy White & The Seven Mammals

She is a hag

Lady Blue played Queen in Sharpears White and the Seven Toon Animals

She is an Evil Queen

==Lady Blue played Zira in The Farthing Wood Fox King II: Bold's Pride She is an evil lioness

Lady Blue played Ursula in The Little Mer-Fox

She is a Sea Witch

Lady Blue played Maleficent in Sleeping Vixey

She is the mistress of all evil

Lady Blue played Evil Cynder in The Legend of Skunk

She is an evil form of a young dragoness

Lady Blue played One of the Fates in Streakules

Lady Blue played Elephant Prissy in Tails (Dumbo)

Lady Blue played Lady Tremaine in Katerella

Lady Blue played Felicia in The Great Supercat Detective

Lady Blue Played Shenzi In The Tramp King

She is a hyena

Lady Blue Played June In Avatar The Last Airbender Animal Style

She is a

Lady Blue Played Yon Rha's Mother In Avatar The Last Airbender NuclearZeon Animal Style

She is a cruel old woman

Lady Blue Played Zelda In The Swan Dog 3:The Mystrty of The Enchanted Kingdom

She is a Soreceress

Lady Blue Played Mrs. Fieldmouse in Dustylina

She is a Fieldmouse

Lady Blue Played S.C. Ruffey in Yellow Kirby Stands By


The Animals Of Animation Wood- Lady Blue played by Belladonna

The Out of This World Girls Of Earth-Lady Blue played by Shao Kahn

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