Char ladymouse
Lady Mouse (also "A Client from Hampstead") is a character in "The Great Mouse Detective".


  1. Shani Wallis - English
  2. Yuri Tabata - Japanese
  3. Rosalba Caramoni - Italian
  4. Jacqueline Porel - French
  5. Diana Santos - Spanish

Lady Mouse played Isabelle (Daisy Duck) in Taran's Christmas Carol

She is a duck.

Lady Mouse played The Elephant with Her Son and Daughter in Bernard: The Movie

She is a mother elephant.

Lady Mouse played Woman in Quest for Camelot (Nixcorr26's Rodent Style)

She is a woman.

Lady Mouse played Melinda Finster in RugMice in Paris

She is Chuckie's late mother.



  • She would later be Olivia's stepmother.


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