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Lady Stillwaiting is quite possibly the fairest lady and most cultured resident in all of Lalaloopsy Land! She's a romantic who loves singing, reading poetry, and waving from the balcony...even if nobody's there. Her name is based off of the title a female must be addressed as when they are of higher status or nobility, as well as her surname which pokes fun at how she awaits patiently for her brave knight to court her.

About Lady


Lady Stillwaiting has fair skin with carnation pink cheeks and the common black button eyes and eyelashes. Her hair is violet purple with straight cut bangs and side parts with two tiny scarlet red on the top of her head and small ponytails at the top of her head. She wears a scarlet red bow on both sides.

Lady wears a medieval-styled amaranth red colored dress with a ribbon around her waist and long sleeves flaring out along the end. The dress is hemmed with sunshine yellow lace. She also wears striped hot pink stockings and hot pink slip on shoes with tiny amaranth red bows at the toe and lace string that tie around her lower leg.


Lady Stillwaiting has a carnation pink unicorn with a hot pink mane and tail. It has a little sunshine yellow bow on its tail and a little heart-shaped amaranth red patch on its thigh. Like many other pets, it also has a white patch on its eye.


Lady lives in a typical castle just fit for a princess! She normally spends her time in one of the towers looking around and seeing the amazing views, as well as waving.


  • February 26th is Tell a Fairytale Day.
  • Lady Stillwaiting and Sir Battlescarred are the only Lalaloopsies who share their sewn pattern with someone else.


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