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Queen Lahwhinie is a mouse living somewhere on Hawaii. She bears a strong physical resemblance to Clarice and Gadget Hackwrench (especially the latter or a twin), differing in fashion style. She is a Mother of Edison, Mia, and Zia, Wife of Sparky. Sister of Gadget. Bridget, and Kaiser, and a Aunt of Tot, Widget, Kimberly, Nathan, Charlie, Allister, Tootles, and Dani,

She played Mandy in Totally Spies (Disney and Sega Animal Style) and Totally Spies! The Movie (Disney and Sega Animal Style)

She played Ursula as Vanessa in The Little Mer-Pureheart

She played Mertle Edmonds in Olivia and Flilk

She is Lilo's Rival

She played Darla in Toys don't Dance

She played Cassidy In Pokemon (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

She is a Member of Team

She played Magica DeSpell in Rescue RangerTales

She is Duck

She played Jessie in Pokemon (CartoonNetworkandSony Animal Style)

She is a Hothead and Member of Team Rocket

She played Gnorga in A Baker Street in Central Park

She is a Trull

She Played Old Lady In Dinosaur King (399Movies Animal Style)

She is a Member of the Alpha Gang

She Played Catzi In Sailor Andie

She is

She played Rude Dee Dee in Jerry's Laboratory

she is Dee Dee's Clone

She Played In Chipladdin (TV Series)

She is Jasmine's Evil Version

She Played Ursula (2nd) or Morgana In The Little Mer-Mouse 2: Return to the Sea (170Movies Style)

she is Ursula's Crazy Sister