Lazy town (supernexochannel)

Peaches As Stephanie

fuli as a extra (Stephanie)

Silver as Stephanie's heroine version (only In LazyTown's New Superhero)

with Eris a extra (Stephanie)

Red as Sportacus

Darkwing duck as Sportacus's animated version

King Leonard as Robbie Rotten

The pigs as themselves

Luigi as Ziggy

Huey Louie Dewey as Stingy

Jimmy neutron as Pixel

Lena de spell and (Aleu/extra) as Trixie

Tails, Cosmo, and Bomb as themselves

The 31 minutes gang as themselves

Mighty Eagle as Mayor Mildford Meanswell

Zeta as Bessie

Goddard as himself

Discord jay and Emmet as Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby rotten

Genie as genie (lazy town) (both are genie with the same name)

Morgana McCawber as Stephanie heroine versión (season 3 and 4)

Robbie Rotten's villains metal sonic major nixel king nixel king koppa and Bowser,jr

season 1

  1. "Welcome to LazyTown"
  2. "Defeeted"
  3. "Sports Day"
  4. "Crystal Caper"
  5. "Sleepless in LazyTown"
  6. "Swiped Sweets"
  7. "Hero for a Day"
  8. "bird fake"
  9. "Happy Brush Day"
  10. "Lazy Scouts"
  11. "Dr. foremanstein"
  12. "pigbeard"
  13. "Cry Dinosaur"
  14. "My Treehouse"
  15. "The Laziest Town"
  16. "Dear Diary"
  17. "Zap It!"
  18. "Record's Day"
  19. "Princes Huey Louie Dewey"
  20. "jimmy spix"
  21. "Play Day"
  22. "Remote Control"
  23. "red Who?"
  24. "Soccer Sucker"
  25. "Miss Roberta"
  26. "LazyTown's New Superhero"
  27. "Secret Agent Zero"
  28. "LazyTown's Greatest Hits"
  29. "LazyTown's Surprise Santa"
  30. "leonard and the pigs's Greatest Misses"
  31. "Sports Candy Festival"
  32. "Dancing Duel"
  33. "luigi's Alien"
  34. "red on the Move!"

season 2

  1. "Rockin' leonard"
  2. "Little red"
  3. "Trash Trouble"
  4. "Double Trouble"
  5. "Haunted Castle"
  6. "Snow Monster"
  7. "The LazyTown Circus"
  8. "School Scam"
  9. "jimmy and Goddard TV"
  10. "Friends Forever"
  11. "Energy Book"
  12. "Birthday Surprise!"
  13. "LazyTown Goes Digital"
  14. "The Lazy Genie"
  15. "Once Upon a Time"
  16. "The Lazy Rockets"
  17. "Dancing Dreams"
  18. "red Saves the Toys"

season 3

  1. "metal sonic"
  2. "The Greatest Gift"
  3. "Little Orange Riding Hood"
  4. "Scavenger Hunt"
  5. "Who's Who?"
  6. "green Panther Part 1"
  7. "green Panther Part 2"
  8. "The red Knight"
  9. "The First Day of Summer"
  10. "Chef pig food"
  11. "Breakfast at Peaches's"
  12. "The Lazy Cup"
  13. "The Holiday Spirit"

season 4

  1. "Let's Go to the mixel Moon"
  2. "The Last SportsCandy"
  3. "Secret Friend Day"
  4. "New Kid in Town"
  5. "Time to Learn"
  6. "Princess Peaches"
  7. "luigi's Talking Teddy"
  8. "The Wizard of LazyTown"
  9. "The Baby Troll"
  10. "The Fortune Teller"
  11. "Ghost Stoppers"
  12. "leonard and the pigs's animated Team"
  13. "Mystery of the Pyramid"


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