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Leap is a LeapFrog's Character. Voiced by Caroll Spinney.

He also played Booker  in Dhaka's Home  (Raven's Home.

Leap played Happy in Star Butterfly and the Seven Animals

He is a dwarf

Leap played Robin Hood in Leap Hood

He is a fox

Leap played Aladdin in Leapladdin

He is a street rat

Leap played Prince Florian in Lily White and the Seven Men

He is a prince

Leap played Danny in Frogs Don't Dance

He is a cat

Leap played Prince Charming in Lilyrella

He is a prince

Leap played SpongeBob SquarePants in The LeapBob FrogPants Movie

He is a sponge

Leap played Bashful in Sandy White and the Seven Animals

He is a dwarf

Leap played Pinocchio in Leapnocchio

He is a puppet

Leap played the Tramp in Lily and the Leap

He is a dog

Leap played Peter Pan in Leap Pan

He is a boy

Leap played Mayor Ned McDodd in Roger Hears a Frog

He is a mayor

Leap played himself in a semi-major role in Clash of the Links

He is seen with Edmund Blackadder and Rowan Atkinson during his discussion to get rid of the Nintendo Link and is then seen getting stabbed in the leg by Sportacus and Claude Frollo after disowning them, though, he manages to recover. He is last seen trying to kill Gleeok until Leonidas from Meet the Spartans threw a spear to his stomach were he then dies. His friend, Sea Hawk then kills the fake Leonidas with a cutlass which insures that revenge is sweet.

Leap played Buster Baxter in Tad (Arthur)

He is a bunny and he's Arthur's best friend


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