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"Ta-da! Sebastian, the Whale Washing Dolphin!"

Lenny is the deuteroganist of Shark Tale.  He is the second-born son of Don Lino, and younger brother of Frankie. He is a friendly and outgoing vegetarian great white shark. Lenny isn't an aggressive meat-eating carnivore like his older brother or father, but a vegetarian. Lenny has a heart of gold and he quickly becomes close friends with Oscar. Together, he and Oscar faked Lenny's defeat at the hands of the "Sharkslayer", and after that, Lenny disguised himself as "Sebastian the Whale Washin' Dolphin". He later helped Oscar save Angie, during which Lino grew to think that Lenny had turned against the sharks. Eventually, Lenny made up with his father after Oscar admitted that an anchor had killed his brother Frankie

Voice Actors:

  1. Jack Black - English

He played Chien Po in Zoelan

He is a soldier.

He played Pegasus in Oscarcules

He is a horse.

He Played Genie in Oscarladdin