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Leo is a fictional character from "Little Einsteins".


Leo played Magic Tree in Canal FamilleTubbies

He is a Tree

Leo played Buzz Lightyear in Canal Famille Story, Canal Famille Story 2, Canal Famille Story 3, Toon Story (Santiago Style), Toon Story 2 (Santiago Style) and Toon Story 3 (Santiago Style)

He is a Space Ranger

Leo played Kif Kroker in Futurama (PierrickCanalFamille Style)

He is an Amphibiosan

Leo played Otter in Canal Famille Planet

He Played Zach In Mako Mer-Animal Boys and Girls (NatureRules1 Style)

He is a Man

Leo played Steven Universe in Leo Universe

Leo played Cosmo in The Fairly OddParents (DaveGrrrrrrruly)The Fairly OddBaby (DaveGrrrrrrruly), The Fairly OddParents (SuperWhyMovies) and Fairly OddBaby (SuperWhyMovies)

He is a Fairy

Leo played Steve Smith in American Dad (DaveGrrrrrrruly) and American Dad (Santiago Style)

He is a boy

Leo played Max (The Secret Life of Pets) in The Secret life of Pets (Trent's gang Style)

He is a Dog

Leo played Chan Ta-Ha in Ten Brothers (Santiago Style) and Ten Brothers (1995) (GavenLovesAnimals Style)

Leo played Mega Man in Leo (Mega Man)

Leo played Song Tianyin in Animal Hunt, Monster Hunt (DaveGrrrrrrruly), Monster Hunt (Trent's gang Style) and Dinosaur Hunt (Monster Hunt)

Leo played James McCloud in Star Violin

He is a Fox