Leo and Leah rosemaryhills.png

Leo and Leah are supporting characters in Rosemary Hills. They made their first debut in The Search for Missing Princess.

Voice Actors for Leo:

  1. Tara Strong - English

Voice Actors for Leah:

  1. Kath Soucie - English



Leo is a young boy with blue hair, blue eyes, and white shirt with blue sleeves, Mickey Mouse gloves, green shorts, and blue shoes.


Leah is a young girl with brown hair, yellow bow, blue eyes, Mickey Mouse gloves, a pink shirt with white sleeves, and pink shoes. Leah's swimsuits are known for a purple one-piece swimsuit with a heart, and a pink strapless bikini.



He is a young boy who is an adventurous type. He is known as cute, courageous, brave, and smart.


She is a girl who is known as cool, beautiful, short-tempered, vain, and energetic.


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